Astrological Approaches to a Paradigm Shift

First of all, let’s begin by explaining a paradigm. Paradigm is the individual and collective perception of reality that we believe without any judgment; we do not need to test it. Paradigm is like an unconscious belief system of our culture that we breathe in and do not think about it until suddenly we begin to see things differently. We think and communicate in the frames of these belief systems.

The paradigm holding us at a certain point for thousands of years is about to change. Time has come for a paradigm shift! Since man can no longer survive poverty, injustice and wars, the scientific adequacy of outdated rules and laws are now questioned while old patterns continue to lose their popularity. Suddenly, humans woke up and found themselves at the doorstep of a new awareness unrealized until now.

Paradigm shift can also be reckoned as a shift in the approved reality. When outdated views are proven to be wrong and insufficient, the paradigm needs to evolve. Sometimes this brings a quick process and at times a very slow one. At present, evolution is so speedy that 2012 will bring us the paradigm shift. Although this paradigm shift occurs individually, it will also be transpire collectively. Together with the closing of large cycles, the social paradigms change. That means outdated conditions require a new point of view. In astrology, we call this “The Change of Era.” Each era has an original way of world view and paradigms.

Now while we are at the edge of an era, we also experience a paradigm shift in science platform. For many centuries, the materialist physics conditioned us to believe that reality could be measured, and if measurable, then perception demanded it through the five senses. It also taught us that the only way of learning was to get rid of our feelings and subjectivism and replace them with a rationalist and objective view. In this mechanical system, the consciousness and the spirit hold no value. The spirit, consciousness and other metaphysical concepts remain underestimated because they cannot be measured by analytical methods of science. However, the mechanics of the new science state that we have a spiritual essence and we are eternal. The latest findings in physics and cell level show new bonds formed between science and spirituality.

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