Astrological Prediction – A Handbook of Techniques

Astrological Prediction - A Handbook of Techniques

The only and the most comprehensive book published in Turkish and also in English which blends the prediction techniques of classical and modern astrology

Prediction is the heart of atrology…As an ancient science; astrology has always been used for predicting the future events and shaping the lives accordingly. However, the predictional dimension of astrology and especially the traditional prediction techniques are neglected nowadays.

Öner Döşer compiles the traditional prediction techniques, which he has been researching for ten years, in a detailed way supported by samples. The book, including both traditional and modern prediction techniques, is easily understood by the common readers and the astrology students. In addition to explaining the prediction techniques theoretically, each technique is explained with samples and its practical uses.

The astrology community is rediscovering the traditional astrology and its prediction techniques. “Astrological Prediction” contributes this discovery, being the fist book which compiles both ancient and modern methods.

Book Details

Book Title: Astrological Prediction – A Handbook of Techniques
Author: Öner Döşer
Publisher: The Cazimi Press
Edited by: Benjamin N.Dykes
Cover designed by: Mustafa Konur
Language: English
Translated by: Sibel Oltulu
Number of pages: 320
Published at: January 2015
ISBN: 978-1-934586-42-6

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