Burçlar Hakkında Her Şey (All about Signs)

Everything you want to know and the things you heard about signs are in this book!

12 experts on their fields wrote about the 12 signs of the Zodiac from symbols to mythology, from planetary rulers to the physical and psychological characteristics, love life, names of Allah dedicated to each sign and health.

The book blends ancient and classical methods and knowledge with the contemporary knowledge and method. Signs are related with everything we see in our daily lives, human attitudes, psychology, physical appearances, etc.  Astrology is defined as a system related with the psychological processes however it is related with everything on earth and life. In this book, you will see how astrology is connected with everything including moral values, psychological attitudes, physical appearances, parts of the body and healt, professions, colours, trees, flowers, animals, objects, regions, countries, cities, hobbies, names of Allah, symbols, myths, fashion and etc.

The chapters of the book: Signs and… Symbols · Mythology · Rulers · Places · Psychology · Physical Characteristics · Children · Health · Diet · Karma · Business Life · Money· Esoteric Meanings · Names of Allah dedicated to each sign · Love · Fashion · Stones · Decoration · Plants and Odours · Hobbies · Gifts · Affirmations · Celebrities

Book Detail

Book Title: Burçlar Hakkında Her Şey
Authors: Barış Özkırış, Binnur Zaimler, Ceyda Alaçam, Gaye Döşer, Güçlü Metin, Hande Kazanova, Nilda Ferhan Efeçınar, Öner Döşer, Samiye Özbaş Soysal, Sena Büyükçopur, Sibel Oltulu, Yeşne Karaca İren
Publisher: AstroArt School of Astrology Publications
Edited by: Mustafa Konur
Cover & pages designed by: Mustafa Konur
Language: Turkish
Size: 16 x 23 cm.
Number of pages: 368
Published at: February2014
ISBN: 978-605-63578-6-2

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