December 21, 2012: The Galactic Alignment

Scientific and astrologic assumptions emphasize that there will be wars, economic crisis, natural disasters and famine in the year 2012. Is it possible to see the signs of these events in the chart of December 21 2012?

Or, together with the Galactic Alignment on December 21 2012, shall we get rid of our old belief patterns, renew our hearts and minds and experience a tsunami in the consciousness level? Will everything that take place in the physical realms of our galaxy match with our hearts? Will this period take its shape according to the collective responses? Shall we be able to survive from our restrictions?

Apart from the catastrophic level of this period, in the chart of December 21 2012 we can see some planet configurations and aspects that are very suitable for the shift in consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

How to prepare the chart?

In order to prepare the chart of this highly important event, I thought very much on the coordinates to be used. As the prophecies about this date were belonging to Mayans, I decided to prepare this chart according to the coordinates of Chichen Itza, Mexico. The prophecy was: “The Sun will rise from the darkness and will pass through the Milky Way.” So, I prepared the chart according to Chichen Itza and before the Sun rise.

At the time of Sun’s entrance in 0 degree Capricorn which is also the winter solstice, Venus, the planet which is very important for the Mayans, was not rising. The configuration in the sky shows that Venus will be witnessing the rising of the Sun. The solstice Sun on December 21 2012 will be just in the middle of the dark rift which is the birth channel of the Mayans. The Holy Tree will be just between Venus and Mars over Maya region. Venus is the representative of the feminine energy and Mars is the representative of the masculine energy. As these two are at equal distances to the Sun, it shows us that the masculine and feminine energies will be balanced.

On the other hand, Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises, is in the middle of Saturn-Neptune-Pluto and the Sun. That means Uranus is the common one that is affected by these planets and also affects them back and it is at the focal point of these heavenly bodies. This is a significant indicator of that we will be facing many shocking changes in terms of hierarchy and system (Saturn), spiritual and divine themes (Neptune), mysterious subjects, birth-death and beyond (Pluto), government types and the managers (Sun), and also we will be moving towards a rapid awareness.

No doubt that, we can prepare the chart for Sun’s entrance into 0 degree Capricorn for each place. In my evaluation below -instead of the houses where the planets are – you will find the sign configurations of the planets and their aspects to each other.

Below you can see the chart of the time when the Sun is entering into 0 degree Capricorn in Chichen Itza.

YOD: God’s Finger

In the chart of December 21 2012, together with many other factors we can see YOD configuration. YOD is known as “God’s Finger” and it consists of three planets, two of which make sextile and the third planet make quincunx to these two. YOD indicates fateful themes in astrology. It shows the dedicated destiny. It shows a condition where there is a difficult choice to make accompanied with a feeling of being restricted. The planet in the focal point of YOD is named as “God’s Finger”. This planet points us the energy where there will be the stress.

In the chart of December 21 2012, we see two YOD patterns. In one of these being Jupiter in the focal point, we have Saturn and Pluto. The second pattern consists of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus with Jupiter in the focal point. There is no doubt that the first one is an ideal configuration. In this configuration Jupiter will be at 8 degree Gemini, Saturn at 8 degree Scorpio and Pluto at 8 degree Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn that rules time and fate. This is the most important point that needs to be emphasized.

The configuration consisting of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto is an ideal YOD pattern. Jupiter, the planet which is at the focal point of this pattern and making quincunx aspect to the two other planets is the fast moving one. In order to understand the YOD pattern, first of all we must understand the quincunx aspect. The quincunx occurs between the signs which have no common point – like polarity – between. However, quincunx is not a balancing aspect; there is always a need for arrangement.

In order to reduce the stress of YOD, the characteristics of the planets which have a sextile aspect should be well reconciled. In this pattern, Saturn -one of the planets in sextile- is in Scorpio and the other – Pluto – is in Capricorn. These two planets not only have a positive aspect between but they are also in mutual reception.

Mutual reception is when two planets are in each other's signs of rulership. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. The interaction of these two powerful planets may bring solid results and we may see new physical structures. This interaction also declares the end of hierarchy and the existing order; it enables the structuring of new systems. Saturn and Pluto may work hand-in-hand and also getting the benefits of Jupiter that is in quincunx with these two may give birth to a positive and significant change.

In astrology Jupiter is related with the beliefs. That means the pressure will be felt in religious subjects, life views and beliefs. It will be a tough period that we will experience a dilemma about what we have to believe. Saturn will demand the continuity of the old structures and traditions whereas Pluto will request to restructure these beliefs. We will have to solve this dilemma. The active energy of YOD will create a stress for the beliefs, religious subjects and spiritual growth themes that are ruled by Jupiter. As Jupiter will be retrograding in Gemini, this will put pressure on written religious texts, teachings and sources so that all of these will need to be revised. Ancient sources will be investigated again and all divine information will need to be examined. Due to the pressure of transformation we will be experiencing, we will need to remember the things that we forgot.

YOD represents a discomfort of mind, not the physical existence. However, due to the natures of the planets in YOD, we may experience the changes in physical, mental and astral planes. As Jupiter represents spiritual enlightenment and expending of the boundaries and also at the focal point of the aspect, this may mean that we will be expending beyond our physical bodies. If we can benefit from this and know how to take an action, we may reach a higher awareness by the help of this configuration.

BOOMERANG: You reap, what you sow.

If we want to overcome the challenges of YOD and make a jump for the better, we have to think about another factor. Venus will be making opposition with Jupiter and so YOD aspect will turn into a Boomerang configuration. Boomerang, name given by Marion D. March, is one of the newest aspect patterns. As we see it in “Kite Pattern”, this opposition in Boomerang pattern gives us a wider perception and balance. Of course it is up us how we use this. In this pattern, the planet at the center of the opposition may be used as a balancing point. If we can focus on the qualities of this planet and increase our awareness, we may change the conditions for better, benefit from the opportunities, get some productive results and acquire a special capacity from this challenge.

Boomerang manifests itself in a more physical and material reality than YOD. It will help the elements involved to integrate. At the edge of Boomerang there will be Venus in Sagittarius and Mercury with a distant tolerance. This means, in order to overcome the challenges, we will need love, toleration, learning, a wider perception of life, open and honest communication. Indeed, the solution lies in the human itself. The key to overcome stress and dilemma will be benefic themes like love, peace and brotherhood because in astrology Venus represents the human relations.

Venus, being related with love goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology, has a warrior quality also. Venus represented both love and war in Rome. In Sumerian culture, seeing it in the East as the morning star was the sign for war. It seems that it is up to our attitude that which side of Venus will show up. In addition to the stressed and malign themes, we should also see the beneficial themes and exalt them by the help of our awareness.

In classic astrology beneficial themes are symbolized with Jupiter and Venus. By saying beneficial, we mean the concepts like virtue, wisdom, happiness, prosperity, joy and sharing. In modern astrology, we can also call Neptune as a benefic planet because Neptune is associated with altruism for the society, sensitivity, idealism, humanitarian purposes and cooperation. Neptune, being the higher octave of Venus, has also a balancing and softening quality. In this chart, Neptune is at a very important place. It is in conjunction with Chiron, semi-square with the Moon, trine with Saturn, square with Venus. By evaluating Neptune’s position, we can understand the effects of shifts and transformations that will be experienced by 2012.

Telepathic and Psychometric Abilities

The books and articles about 2012 all mention that the humankind will be experiencing a shift in consciousness and telepathic and intuitive abilities will increase. Now let’s look for the signs of these hypotheses by examining the chart for December 21 2012.

As an archetype Neptune is like a cosmic antenna that makes a connection between the source of highest consciousness and us. It is related with getting the inspiration and messages from above and making a connection with the Divine Power. Three arrows in the symbol of Neptune are directed towards the infinity and so it represents going beyond the limits. It indicates being beyond time and place and shows the things beyond what we call the reality. The individualism resolves and blends with the infinite consciousness of existence. It is also related with psychic, telepathic and psychometric abilities. In its esoteric concept, it is to realize the things as they are, not as they seem.

On the day of the Galactic Alignment, as Neptune will be conjunct with Chiron in Pisces and will be making important aspect. This shows us that the telepathic and psychometric abilities will get stronger and the capacity of our perception and realizing the wholeness will increase. Neptune-Chiron conjunction will be like a out bridge between the material and the spiritual. Chiron – Formalhaut conjunction may be pointing that psychic and healing powers will be used by many people. We may easily understand and apply metaphysics and mystic powers. Sun’s being in sextile with that Chiron- Formalhaut conjunction also supports this idea.

Conscious Choices and Destiny

In astrology Sun symbolizes the free will and conscious choices. Neptune and Chiron being in positive aspects with each other will help us to recognize the truth, to strengthen our mystic and physic powers and to perceive the trends of future better. Voluntary altruism, idealist approaches and working for the wellness of the society will rule the world.

Sun in Capricorn is not exalted and its positive aspect with Neptune may weaken the ego and destroy duality. This positive aspect shows that we will be both accepting our destiny naturally and we will go with the flow, on the other hand we will be aware of our conscious free will. The efforts will not only be for a group of people but for the whole humanity. According to the astrologer Robert Hand, the Sun in Capricorn does not like abstract thing that cannot be experienced, its aim is to reach the absolute reality. It is not only interested in “what’s real” in theory but wants to know “what really exists”. The things that are accepted as the reality should also be seen in the physical plane. The supportive aspect between Capricorn and Pisces may point out that the spiritual subjects may be integrated with the daily life. Providing the balance between the material and the moral values may be possible.

Chiron is the symbol of wisdom through helping to cure others’ wounds and it affects our destiny with some traumatic events in key periods of our lives. When in Pisces, its effect will be felt in divine and spiritual concepts and as Pisces is a mutable sign before integration we need to experience disintegration first. In mysticism Pisces symbolizes soul’s resignation to God. Pisces is the sign of eliminating the differences, unifying and helping the others. Chiron’s being in Pisces will support us to help the others, give emotional support and heal them.   

Awakening of the Minds

Chiron’s position between Saturn and Uranus is an important placement. Saturn is visible with naked eye and Uranus is the first planet that was discovered after the invention of telescope. That means Chiron is the symbolic bridge between the visible and invisible concepts. When Chiron will be conjunction with Neptune in the Galactic Alignment chart, we will be nearer to the realities that are out of what we call as reality now; we will be open to divine knowledge and enlightenment. Chiron in Pisces is just like a step that takes us to God, to the holy consciousness and the awakening of the minds. Chiron energy directly leads us to awareness and achieves this through experiences. If we can synchronize ourselves with this energy we can increase both our mental and spiritual awareness.

In the related chart Chiron is in conjunction with the stars Formalhaut and Deneb Adige. According to astrologer Bernadette Brady Formalhaut this is related with the ideals and the dreams. If the ideals and dreams are noble, there is a great individual happiness at the end. However, if they are degenerated the result will be a great loss! When the mystic power is used for the welfare of the whole then it brings success. This star represents the need for an honest approach. Deneb Adige is the Shamanic symbol of Sun God. It represents clarity and determination. It brings success in arts and science and also an ability of quick learning. According to Vivian Robson, this star gives both ability and bright intellect. That means, this conjunction may give an ability of a great mental vigilance towards divine and spiritual things and may increase our awareness towards ideas that do not turn into solid concepts.

We will be learning a lot during this period and our desire for expanding our horizons and also our expectations will increase. In order to achieve all these, we have to learn how to free our minds, to be integrated with the whole and to give up everything. This is possible because in the chart of December 21 2012 many heavenly bodies will be in mutable signs – Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini –. The characteristics of mutable signs will help us to adapt, to free ourselves, to unify and to share the knowledge. Mercury in Sagittarius increases our power to free our minds and to view life and the experiences from a wider perspective. According to many mystic traditions, freeing our minds is the first step of inner awakening. Mercury in Sagittarius is also keen to learn the realities of life. It helps us to reach a direct, spontaneous and honest communication. The position of Jupiter in any chart is too important in terms of individual development. As Jupiter will be in Gemini, the most important thing on our way to individual development will be the knowledge. We will be open to every type of knowledge and experience. Jupiter in Gemini wants to learn as much as the cosmos permits. Because of the integrating feature of Jupiter, the mind wants to have a wider point of view.

Mercury and Jupiter will be in opposition in Sagittarius and Gemini and also will be in mutual reception. That means this period will be full of challenges due to numerous oppositions because oppositions bring delays and the challenge of opposite views. As Mercury and Jupiter are involved in this aspect, there will be a war between the existing beliefs and the new ones and we will be facing difficulties in that area.

Beliefs and Divine Integration

The ninth house in the chart is associated with the beliefs and ruled by Jupiter. The religious people are also symbolized by Jupiter. In modern astrology, Neptune is also related with this subject. These two planets are the rulers of Pisces and related with the beliefs. Now let’s try to guess what kind of developments we could see about the belief systems.

As I mentioned before, Jupiter is at the focal point of YOD and it has a very critical importance because of this placement. The planet at the focal point of YOD represents the area that faces difficulties and needs great changes. YOD is based on quincunx aspect which emphasize that something should be redesigned. In this YOD we will have two quincunx aspects meaning that this effect will be doubled. It is possible to live some crisis about the related subjects. As Jupiter is related with the beliefs and life views, these subjects should be examined carefully.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter is the indicator of success, honor, victory and good luck. It is known as “The Great Benefic” and it may bring all the goodness of the earthly life. It brings positive results in every individualistic and collective initiative. It represents being in cooperation with the world and unifying energy. It enlarges the scope of experiences and gives more philosophic view. When in Gemini, Jupiter will help us to improve our mental capacity. We will be able to learn more by the help of Jupiter.

However, according to the traditional astrology Jupiter is debilitated in Gemini. Gemini tends to judge everything with logic and evidences whereas Jupiter believes without a solid reason. There is a risk of dilemma between what we see and what we believe. We will need to overcome all possible conflicts about religious, spiritual and philosophic subjects. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury and it will be in opposition with Jupiter. That means “the beliefs will be against the knowledge”. The hard aspects between Mercury and Jupiter bring false evaluations and prejudices. It can take some time to systematize the new things we learn. However, because of the mutual reception between these two planets there is a hope that different opinions could be melted in one pot. We have the chance of reconciliation because the opposition is a mutual reception, which means that two planets are placed in the signs that rule the other.

As I mentioned, Mercury is placed in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is related with divine themes, beliefs and philosophies. Mercury will be in strong transaction with Jupiter and these planets will be in the signs which are related with divine knowledge. That means these concepts will be understood easily. Of course, this will take time. Jupiter will be retrograde in Gemini, pointing that this development will be an inner one and after digesting all the knowledge it will be used practically. By the help of Jupiter – Aldebaran conjunction, all religious knowledge will be unified. Aldebaran is one of the four great Royal Stars. It brings success if we do not compromise moral values and honesty. According to astrologer Bernadette, this conjunction brings success in big and noble projects and is related with dedicating the self for the wellbeing of the society and the culture.

It seems that the secrets behind the religions will come out and will be easily understood by everyone. The divine information will enter into the daily lives again. Due to Mercury being in Sagittarius and in opposition with Jupiter, we will need honesty in this period. Jupiter-Uranus sextile will help us in this transition. The Moon will also have positive aspects with Mercury and Jupiter, helping the learning process of these new philosophies, as well as helping open and honest communication. The seeds of global consciousness will be sowed.

As I mentioned before, Neptune is related with believing and the believers. In the mentioned chart, Neptune will be in its ruler Pisces, which means it will manifest its nature significantly. When a planet is located in the sign that it rules, it has the full ability to manifest itself. The effects of this placement are permanent and an indicator of success. The ancients say: “a planet in its sign is like a man in his own home”. Under these circumstances, Neptune will manifest itself well and will do this easily. That means it is easy for us to assume that there will be a natural evolution in our beliefs. Both Pisces and Neptune are related to trust in the Divine Power, resignation without any questioning and believing from the heart.

Neptune-Chiron conjunction in this chart strengthens this theme however Jupiter will be having a hard aspect with these two. This hard aspect will bring the risk of conflicts and illusions. Due to the square between Pisces and Gemini, rational knowledge may be in contradiction with spiritual knowledge and this can confuse people temporarily. However Neptune’s position will be a strong one and it will be getting the support of Chiron. This can be the beginning of seeing that all the information is coming from one single divine source. People will begin to understand that all religions are coming from the same source, they will get rid of polarity and begin to unite and believe in “Divine Oneness”. People will realize that the religion is not the target but only a tool.

Neptune’s strong placement will help a radical change in collective consciousness. The ordinary realities will shatter and the path for “the real” will be opened. Neptune’s aspect with Pluto also supports this. The positive aspect between Neptune and Pluto will ensure the transformation to take place and to maintain new structures. Neptune will also have a positive aspect with Saturn. By the help of this aspect, we may make our dreams real because we realize the realities, know our limits and use them. We may balance the humility and the realities. This positive aspect will help us to use our spiritual capacity and our beliefs in a balanced and constructive way.


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