Martial Times for Turkey

Turkey having discovered a source of natural gas in the Black Sea on August 21, 2020, is now searching for further energy resources in the Mediterranean Sea. If new resources are discovered as in the Black Sea, Turkey may become self sufficient with regard to energy issues, thereby reducing any foreign dependency, and may be able to close its’ growing current deficits as  o becomes one of the important energy producing countries. It may be Turkey will have more advantages when in negotiations for buying gas with countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Iran. This may even affect the long-term gas acquisition contracts ending at the end of 2021. It could be these contracts will not be renewed. The possible discoveries of larger reserves may contribute to Turkey becoming a stronger foce in the region. In this context, importance is attached for sea researches and navy. Greece, Cyprus and France assume Turkey is intending to become a major sea power in this region, and demand the EU apply enforcements on Turkey due to developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Following the command of President Erdogan for starting the gas and petrol search in Eastern Mediterranean, the presence of both Turkish and Greek soldiers was increased in the region. After the tensions raised in the Eastern Mediterranean, American ships have also joined the battleships sent by EU and Russia. Prime Minister of France, Macron has also decided to increase French soldiers in the region temporarily. As a result, war ships are gathering in the region.

It seems Erdogan’s government is decisive in continuing seismic detection activities in Eastern Mediterranean. Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoğlu said that; the activities that are put aside due to the maintenance period of Oruc Reis is temporary, and will continue, there will not be any step back on this issue. It is expected to find solutions to the tension growing in between Turkey-Greece within diplomatic ways through Germany, a diplomacy platform is to be set up and first contacts will take place at the EU summit on September 24-25.

Libra Ingress chart for Ankara

In this article I want to take a look at the forthcoming period. The Libra Ingress chart erected for Ankara for the date 22 September 2020 at 16:30 gives information for the next three months.


In this chart, Moon is conjunct Antares which is one of the stars representing the warlike energies. According to 19th century Ottoman astrologer Sadullah al-Ankarawi, conjunctions, squares or oppositions between Mercury, Mars and Saturn is a sign of chaos and war. One of the first things we see the T-square aspect including Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Therefore, we notice the period between September 22nd and December 21st carries confliction and warlike energies. Due to these planets being placed in cardinal signs, there might be many disorders or wars from the perspective of Sadullah al-Ankarawi.

Turkey’s President Erdogan’s chart

When we superimpose the Libra Ingress chart on the chart of Turkish President Erdogan, we see that this T-square is triggering his Natal T-square including the Nodes, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune as you see in the chart below. Additionally, Uranus is transiting right across his Natal Saturn which represents Erdogan himself as Saturn is the ruler of his Ascendant. This transit also shows the possibility of his unexpected decisions and political maneuvers.


As you can see, Moon-Mars conjunction with Antares in his Natal chart, a star which is of Mars-Jupiter nature, shows Erdogan’s competitive personality looking for victory, and according to the ancient astrologers, this also shows the ability of leadership for managing wars. Since the Moon of the Libra Ingress chart is triggering his Natal Moon-Mars conjunction, he may respond to the aggression in the region from a higher octave. This may reflect a tendency to take effective action to show his leadership ability to the outer world in politics.

On the other hand, the transits of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn from Erdogan’s ASC degree which indicates his Nativity in his natal chart. Jupiter is triggering his Ascendant conjunction with Rukbat and Vega, which activates his steadiness and strengthens his opinions and attitudes as well as his charismatic and effective personality. So, most probably he will not step back from his politic opinions and decisions.  The triple conjunction of transiting Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn on his Natal North Node-Chiron placed in the 1st house, the opposition of the same to his Natal Uranus-South Node conjunction placed in the 7th house and square his Natal Neptune placed in the 9th house indicates a period of reactive and aggressive attitudes in his relations with other countries.

As a matter of fact, if we superimpose the secondary progressed chart of Erdogan on the Natal chart of Turkey, we see his progressed Mars at 6Capricorn is about to conjunct the cusp of the Natal 7th house, and casts a square aspect to Natal Mars of Turkey’s chart which is placed at 70 Libra. This is another indicator that military issues will be activated by Erdogan in the next 2 years and intimate relationships with the other countries will be problematic, conflicts and legal affairs are likely.


Turkey’s chart

When we evaluate the Natal chart of Turkey, also along with progressed charts, we see in the period beginning September 22th, the section related with bilateral relations with other countries is highly aggressive, the possibilities of conflicts are much high and military issues will be triggered.



On September 22nd, the natal chart of Turkey has a Mercury return. Highly active days will happen in means of diplomatic dialogues and speeches. Of course, we will see how positive conclusions will be reached later although it seems a bit hard. Yet, placements of the planets indicate a period of time which is open for confrontations and shows of strength for the countries and the leaders of them. After September 22nd, in the beginning of October, especially around October 2nd and October 16th, we again see this kind of significant, hard impacts.

Martial Lunations

The Full Moon on October 2 2020 will trigger Mars in the Natal chart of Turkey. It seems highly provoking and emphasizes the leaders of the country, since the Moon falls in the 10th house of the Natal chart.


When I look through the dates during the critical 3 months from September 22, I see the supermoon which occurs at 230 Libra, is in opposition of Mars. This again indicates a warlike struggling period.



Of course, this is not only limited to Turkey, it is also valid for the world in general. When we superimpose the Supermoon chart on the Libra Ingress chart, we see this Supermoon degree is triggering the T square in between Mercury-Mars-Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn. This means, around October 16, military issues, disorders, struggles, terror like issues can create harsh actions and impacts in the relationships of the countries with each other as well as with their leaders.

Capricorn Ingress chart for Ankara

When we put the Capricorn Ingress chart for December 21, 2020 on the chart of Libra Ingress chart cast for September 22nd, we see it still triggers the T-square in the Libra Ingress chart along with the partile square between Mars and Pluto. Therefore, also in December, especially around the dates near the 21st, we will still be in an aggressive period in the relationships of the countries and their leaders with each other.



Martial Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020

In the chart erected for the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 14th December 2020, we see the degree of eclipse makes a trine with Mars. Mars receives a square the from triple conjunction in Capricorn. The highly active Mars in the eclipse chart erected for Ankara, come up to 10th house. Such times are when the ruling person shows their strength, taking action and making strong decisions. The square of Mars with the planets in the 7th house indicates Turkey will experience antagonism fron other countries, may be subjected to open hostility and will struggle in legal grounds.

When we put the December 14th eclipse chart on progress chart of Turkey, we see a period of time in which bilateral relations tend to develop aggressively.


So, the autumn months appear to be quite critical in regard to military issues. On October 6th, when Mars is perigee in its orbit, Martial energy which means hard, warlike, struggling, harsh, aggressive energies will be highly activated. Around the Sun-Mars opposition which will be exact on October 14th, a highly aggressive atmosphere will be again very active.

It seems there is a tough period coming. We should be careful around the days beginning September 22nd. I hope any forceful impact will not be long lasting. With good luck, it may make us think that if any warlike atmosphere happens, or even if a war breaks out, possibly it will flare up and die away quickly. The tension may quickly increase, but can be solved before an explosion, due to Mars and other planets being in cardinal signs. Cardinal signs indicate the issues that arise are not generally long lasting, they die as quickly as they arise.

Back to Libra Ingress chart

As we have already pointed out, Mercury-Mars opposition forms a T square with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, so on the focus point of this T square, these three are placed: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. We can examine the impacts of Mercury-Mars opposition like this; Mercury in Libra is related to diplomacy, law, seeking consensus and efforts for balance. On the other hand, the opposition it makes with Mars in Aries is related with military issues, war, competition/antagonism, confrontational subjects and disagreements. Because these two planets are in opposition with an applying aspect along with the Mars retrograde, they have a “double application”. This means the Mars-Mercury opposition impact will be doubled. So it increases the possibilities of disagreements in diplomatic issues. The stress caused by the opposition will express itself in the sign of Capricorn where Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn conjoin, therefore leading us to say with regard to diplomatic matters, we can talk about struggle, competition and furious antagonism. As an expression, it seems to be affecting business world, corporate life and economic issues. The placement of these three planets in Capricorn brings out problems of safety, this may also mean possible embargos or enforcements in the international area.

New World Order

These three planets in Capricorn, came together around 1894 BC, a period when Babylon was established. Now, they are again coming together this autumn, it is like Babylon is being established again. A new order of world is happening, new goals are settling. Towards these goals, it will be necessary to implement new strategies, one of the causes arising will be the warlike, struggling, competitive energy in autumn. So, the effects of Mercury-Mars opposition will develop as a battle of words and confrontations, and this willingly or non-willingly, will cause some new applications, arrangements, enforcements to occur in this new world order. This is not only limited to Turkey, when we look at the world in general, we can say that world maps will almost be drawn again.

Agreement or disagreement? 

I hope, Mars being in retrograde motion in this chart indicates a step back in military actions and will be conducive to an agreement/reconciliation platform. But surely, this seems to be difficult because Mercury-Mars opposition puts the possibility of disagreement in place, rather than agreement. It also may mean some agreements will be canceled, or declared null and void, or disobey some international agreements. In all circumstances, Mercury’s opposition to Mars from Libra to Aries, points out that a legal war and struggle will be on. Here, 240 Libra in which Mercury has a placement is corresponding to the degree of Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Natal chart of Turkey. So this is a period in which Turkey should manage their diplomacy well enough and be prudent. But it seems almost certain that in these kinds of agreements, or the agreements and meetings that will be necessary later, Turkey will take a strong stand. Mercury–Mars opposition explains the problems with anger management, taking snap decisions, acting without thinking in detail. So, this means in the next period tempers will rise, tension will be heightened and the possibility of taking harsh decisions will increase.

With hope, love and light!

Oner Doser, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA
OPA Satellite for Turkey, Member of APAI
Founder of AstroArt School of Astrology