How Can We Use Energy of Eclipse?

Although eclipse periods seem to radiate stressful energies, eclipses can be regarded as a chance to grow in a rapidly changing atmosphere. Eclipses reveal what is hidden in the dark (in our subconscious). Many times eclipses bring the surface unseen/subtle energies that have not been known or used before. Especially lunar eclipses can reveala hiddenpotential or bring something unexpected into the open.

Lunar eclipses come up with emotinal / sentimental issues. These are the best times to work on ourselves, to complete the tasks that we are undertaken and then to letting go of everything. It is very common for us to feel unbalanced during an eclipse. We should not make an important decision during an eclipse period. In the light of an eclipse, it is better to focus on inner-self and to get in touch with inner dynamics of our personalities, instead of being very active and extravorted. Spiritual development comes from our inner self. By following our inner voice, we may gain a spiritual understanding that will enable us to make an important decisions. Especially since, eclipses in Sagittarius – associated with wisdom-  teaches us to trust our inner wisdom.

By the nature of eclipses, we may feel to give up some situations or make them in a different way. We can get new habits, hobbies, that satisfy us or we can start to seek alternative means that will develop our creativity. If we feel winds of change inside us, then we can get a chance to experince new things for our personal development. We need to remember that human being is part of a whole, so we should try to handle with our big-ego problems.

We can get rid of our ego-related problems, by the means of inner balance. Our habits, sometimes, may prevent our self-devepolment. We should be aware of the fact that we need to get rid of the negative behaviours that are no longer part of our personal growth in order to embrace the new.

Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius can be regarded as a good opportunity to focus on our intuitions, our higher-self, our spiritual and mystical personal development. For this, we may need to spend more time in nature. Moreover, we can use meditation /yoga/ contemplation tecniques to focus on inner self. This eclipse in Sagittarius will reveal our inner knowledge that we brought from past. This eclipse occurs very close degree to Galactic Center. Black hole in the center of the galaxy is a source of motivation and inspiration. It provides us to become conscious of unknown subjects. It is a high level of solar principal and a source of information in the solar cells. It represents high ideals of humanity and it enables new approaching levels. This new level of information and ideas will enter our system by modulating. We can gain new approaches & new information and we can be  more open to galactic waves. We can gain high level of divine knowledge that we are not aware of up to now. The best way to deal with this clipses is to pray, to meditate, to contemplate and to focus on to high level of energy that vibrating in the universe. These techniques surely help us to reduce potential tension, stress and flow of unbalanced energies. During the eclipse, North Node conjucts Ras Alhague that means to act together to heal our wounds.

Beside this, before and after the eclipse, we should try to be calm and cool instead of rushing for everything that we are responsible for. We should behave in a patient and mature manners instead of overreacting. We also need to communicate honestly and openly and make an effort to tell the others about our true ideas & intentions.

Finally, these are the best times for long distance travels, travel for foreign places & cultures, new ventures and exploring anything new…

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