10th International Astrology Days


SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY will be the topic of the 10th International Astrology Days in 2022, the annual event organised by AstroArt School of Astrology. This year we will be together with many precious astrologer friends from the international arena as every year.

Our event is starting on Mar 18th with the International Astrology Conference, consisting of lectures of our guest speakers, that will take place online at Zoom.

The conference lectures which will be translated simultaneously. The presentations of the speakers will be applicable to participants from all levels of astrology and also to astrology lovers who do not have much knowledge on the issue.

Our special guest speakers are:

Kay Taylor USA
Maria Blaquier ARGENTINA                         
Patricia Walsh USA
Becca Tarnas USA
Öner Döşer TR
Yeşne Karaca İren TR

10th International Astrology Days will continue on Mar 18-20th, with workshops that will take place at Zoom. Workshops are suitable for beginner level students at least, for researchers, astrologers and astrology instructors.  Presentations of our foreign speakers will be translated into Turkish simultaneously.

All astrology lovers, astrology instructors and students are kindly invited.

With love and light!

Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap
OPA Turkey Satellite
Member of APAI

Simultaneous Translation: It will be provided by Serpil Ata & Züleyha Yılmaz.


Date: Mar 18th, 2022 Friday

Location: Zoom


18:00-18:15 OPENING

18:15-19:00 ÖNER DÖŞER

Spiritual Indicators in Traditional Astrology

In this presentation, Öner Döşer will talk about the ancient astrologers’ models of detecting signs of spirituality in a chart. In addition, how the spiritual being, which we can define as the “heavenly twin”, is determined in the birth chart as stated in ancient sources, what kinds of rituals are performed to recognize and know him, how this knowledge is used for spiritual enlightenment and to reach the spiritual unity established with the whole “full nature”, “enlightened superego”. ” and “unenlightened id” will also be discussed.

19:00-19:45 KAY TAYLOR

Love or Loss: A Cocreative Approach to Pisces

The sign of Pisces manifests in many ways, from loss, confusion and dissolution to profound states of oneness and transcendent creativity. As we begin a new cycle with Jupiter and Neptune merging their vibration through this mystical and often mysterious lens, let’s explore manifesting the higher potential rather than waiting for the cosmic wave to overwhelm us.The sign of Pisces manifests in many ways, from loss, confusion and dissolution to profound states of oneness and transcendent creativity. As we begin a new cycle with Jupiter and Neptune merging their vibration through this mystical and often mysterious lens, let’s explore manifesting the higher potential rather than waiting for the cosmic wave to overwhelm us.

19:45 – 20:30 PATRICIA WALSH

Imagine That!!!

Jupiter and Neptune will be embracing in Pisces to remind us that …without imagination, Astrology would not exist! Therefore, let us honor both the logical and the imaginal to experience the soul of Astrology together. Patricia will discuss the importance of using a non-linear approach to invite a direct experience of the cosmos.

20:30 – 21:15 BECCA TARNAS

Reflections on Saturn-Uranus

The year 2021 saw three exact alignments of Saturn square Uranus, and the two planets will continue to dance with each other through 2023. Saturn is the principle of responsibility, commitment, discipline and order, but also of restriction, imprisonment, and authority; Uranus symbolizes freedom, rebellion, and liberation, as well as awakening and revelation. History demonstrates that these two contradictory archetypal principles create a zeitgeist in which sudden and unexpected crises can initiate the breakdown of traditional or oppressive structures, with the potential to bring revolutionary change into concrete structural form.

21:15 – 22:00 MARIA BLAQUIER

Spiritual Astrology: The Jupiter Neptune conjunction and Draconic Astrology

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction is the beginning of a new cycle that is about a deeper connection with the unconscious and the possibility of a spiritual awakening. By looking at this conjunction from the perspective of Draconic Astrology, a branch of astrology based on lunar symbolism and the nodes, one can look at the meaning of this conjunction from a different perspective: what is manifesting behind the scenes? What are the deeper motives that are at play? The draconic point of view will help enlighten the way to self- awareness.

22:00 – 22:45 YEŞNE KARACA İREN

What Happened Is the Result of What Has Happened

Astrological influences reveal their effects on an individual or social scale in the form of events on a concrete and perceptible basis. Each of us is bathed in these astrological influences as if under raindrops, and we contribute to the cosmic plan within the scope of an interaction systematic. However, noticing these universal connections in the pattern of events is not possible with our limited perception of time and space. Our exit from consequences to causes is often limited to the worldly scale.

Can we touch the metaphysical extensions of astrology in the sea of high truths where the visible is the result and the invisible is the cause? How does esoteric astrology look at the unity between human, cosmos and planets in the transmaterial dimension? Do our charts express our spiritual side?


Date: Mar 19th, 2022 Saturday

Location: Zoom


15:30-18:00 MARIA BLAQUIER

Draconic Astrology

Draconic is a branch of astrology based on lunar symbolism that offers a deeper viewpoint into one’s inner motivations. The Draconic zodiac is oriented to the Moon and takes the North Node as 0 degree of Aries. Whereas the Tropical zodiac is about our psychological traits; the Draconic zodiac alludes to memory and inheritance and previous incarnations. It is impressed within the tropical, and both interact. Draconic synastry offers a powerful insight into relationships from a karmic perspective; draconic transits show life changing events that are lived as inevitable.

This branch of astrology gives a powerful lens of timing and triggers in our everyday life. One could say that it provides incredibly accurate information when combined with the tropical chart. Draconic astrology helps enlighten the way to growth and self-awareness.

19:00-21:30 KAY TAYLOR

Oneness:  Evolutionary Astrology as a Support for Spiritual Growth

Discover how Evolutionary Astrology provides a rich, nuanced roadmap of the soul’s history and the spiritual path for this life. The Lunar Nodes, Saturn and Pluto provide the core of the “Destiny Imprint,” although the whole chart can be synthesized through a spiritual lens. Working with participant charts, Kay will share some unique philosophies from her empowering approach to chart synthesis, as well as practical ways to work with the Neptune/Jupiter alignment.

Date: Mar 20th, 2022 Sunday

Location: Zoom


17:00-19:30 PATRICIA WALSH

Using Imagination, Imagery and Astrology

In this workshop you will begin to experience the power of imagery to access and harness the power of imagination. You will learn techniques from three classic forms (Reverie, Active Imagination and Journeying) that will allow you to access information in the chart in a new and unique way. Put down your notepads and come prepared to experience a direct connection with the cosmos!

Topics covered:

  • Working in ‘Twilight Consciousness’
  • Inner Journeying with Archetypes and Planets
  • Imagery Techniques
  • Inner Journeying Skills
  • Planetary Spirit Guides

Please allow yourself to be in a quiet, comfortable and undisturbed space for this workshop. You might want to lay down for some of the exercises. Earbuds or a headset with microphone is highly recommended for the experiential exercises.
You also might want to journal after some of the exercises.

20:30-23:00 BECCA TARNAS

Encountering the Archetypes in Astrology

What is an archetype, and how does it relate to astrology? This workshop will introduce the theory of archetypes from a philosophical and psychological perspective, exploring a lineage that extends from Plato in ancient Greece through C.G. Jung in 20th century Switzerland, to the contemporary disciplines of transpersonal psychology, participatory spirituality, and archetypal astrology. Learning to perceive the archetypal principles in the particulars of everyday life can deepen any astrological practice, and be applied methodologically to any branch of astrology.


For more information and reservation

+90 216 386 73 96 / [email protected]



Mar 18, 2022

Seminar Fee: Whole day free of charge

Sign up / Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_fmVA842ISgKt-iSaO-On8Q

Mar 19 – 20, 2022

Workshop Fees:

Each Workshop: 300 TL + VAT = 354 TL

(for Astroart School of Astrology students and graduates: 250 TL + VAT = 295 TL)

Special offer: 4 Workshop: 1000 TL + VAT = 1.180 TL (instead of 1.416 TL)



Becca Tarnas, PhD, is a scholar, artist, and editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), with her dissertation titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C. G. Jung and J. R. R. Tolkien. Her research interests include depth psychology, archetypal studies, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination. She teaches at both Pacifica Graduate Institute and CIIS, and is the author of the book Journey to the Imaginal Realm: A Reader’s Guide to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Becca lives in Northern California, where she has an astrological counseling practice.


Kay Taylor is an evolutionary astrologer, author and teacher who has been integrating soul centered astrology with intuitive mastery, psychosynthesis, yoga philosophy and a wealth of healing wisdom for over 35 years. Kay is the President of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology), formerly Education Director, and is on the Board of Kepler College. She trains intuitive/astrologers through her Soul Path School and is part of the Relationships & Astrology core faculty team. Publications: Soul Path Way (2016); Anthologies “The Professional Astrologer” (2015) and “Essential Astrology” (2022). Certified by OPA, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II, she maintains a thriving full time consulting practice based in the SF Bay Area.


María Blaquier, born in Argentina, has been involved with astrology since 1987.  She is the founder of the online astrology school Academia de Astrología Avanzada MB (at www.mariablaquier.com).

Maria holds the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary, the STA’s Advanced Level Horary Diploma Course, and the STA’s Medical Astrology Course. She is currently completing the STA’s Masters Level Program.  Her studies also include Psychological, Draconic, Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology (MDA Zoller 2012). Her publications include several articles in The Astrological Journal, Stellium, IAMINFINITY, MidHeaven, astro.com; a book on Traditional astrology and Time Lord techniques (Astrología tradicional: Técnicas predictivas de los Señores del tiempo: ed. Kier, Bs. As.); and YouTube tutorials at Academia de Astrologia Avanzada MB.

She’s part of the Steering Commission at AFAN, and is co- chair of the Education Committee and the Spanish Section.


Patricia is a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) regression practitioner and Chief Trainer for Dr. Roger Woolger’s Institute of Deep Memory Process® (since 2002). She is also a certified Evolutionary Astrologer from the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2004) and author of Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy. Combined with astrology, she specializes in healing work based in Shamanic principles. Drawing from 20 years of experience in working with the human psyche she recently created Kairos Astrology: An Experiential Training for Astrologers. She is also an instructor for the Soul Wise School of Evolutionary Astrology.