The first being held last year, we will be hosting deans of astrology including Roy
GILLETT (Britain), Dr. Nicholas CAMPION (Britain), Dr. Benjamin DYKES (USA), Mihaela
DICU (Romania) and Oner DOSER, the founder of the AstroArt Astrology School in the
second International Astrology Days event between March 16-20, 2013.

The workshops will take place in AstroArt Astrology School between 10:00 and 17:00
on March 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th. The workshops are suitable all levels of astrology
students, researchers, astrologers and astrology teachers. The presentations of our
foreign guests will be translated by our graduates. We will be happy to host all astrology
lovers, students and teachers in the workshops.


The first being held last year, we will be hosting deans of astrology including Roy GILLETT (Britain), Dr. Nicholas CAMPION (Britain), Dr. Benjamin DYKES (USA), Mihaela
DICU (Romania) and Oner DOSER, the founder of the AstroArt Astrology School in the second International Astrology Days event between March 16-20, 2013.
The workshops will take place in AstroArt Astrology School between 10:00 and 17:00 on March 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th. The workshops are suitable all levels of astrology
students, researchers, astrologers and astrology teachers. The presentations of our foreign guests will be translated by our graduates. We will be happy to host all astrology
lovers, students and teachers in the workshops. 
On March 20th, there will be a public conference in Kozyatağı Kültür Merkezi between 10:00-17:00.
All speeches will be translated into Turkish simultaneously. The presentations are prepared on a basic level so that everyone who is interested in astrology may follow the content. You are all welcomed if you are interested in astrology  either as an amateur or as a professional.
March 16th, 2013 Saturday
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Place: AstroArt Astrology School, Caddebostan
Lecturer: Dr. Benjamin N. DYKES
In this workshop, we will look at three different topics and techniques in traditional
astrology. First, we will learn about “primary directions,” an ancient predictive technique
which was used to describe both individual events and longer periods in which certain
themes in life become active. We will also look at how directions are used in rectification.
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Dr Benjamin DYKES, Lots for parents, prosperity and status
In this workshop we will examine two Lots for parents: the Lot of the Father, and the Lot
of the Mother. These Lots are used to describe what a person’s parents were like, and
a bit about their careers, personality, and ongoing conditions, including death. Finally,
we will study different techniques for looking at prosperity and status in the birth chart,
using medieval Persian authors as well as ancient authors such as Firmicus Maternus and
Vettius Valens. These fascinating techniques employ fixed stars, triplicity lords, the Lot of
Fortune, and more.
March 17th, 2013 Sunday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Place: AstroArt Astrology School, Caddebostan
Lecturers: Mihaela DICU, Öner DÖŞER
10:00-13:00 Mihaela DICU, Astrology of Relationships
It is not easy to understand how relations work. Even experienced psychologists and
other experts can be baffled by it. Astrology however offers a set of keys that can
be used to decipher our natal predispositions for relations in general and for couple
relationships in particular. The natal chart contains information about our love life:
likely evolutions and patterns, the types of partners we may feel attracted to, as well
as our chances and risks related to marriage, divorce or widowhood. Astrology employs
different techniques in determining the degree of compatibility between partners and the
quality of our partnerships, with their different strengths and weaknesses. This workshop
presents the essential methodology to be applied in relationship assessments, including
approaches based on ancient concepts, such as the Part of Eros, the mutual reception or
the antiscia.
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Öner DÖŞER, The Key Points of Transits
Transits, being considered as the most important prediction tools in today’s astrology,
show us the important trends and the events of life. Compared to other prediction
techniques, transits show us the events in shorter periods of time.
relationship between the natal chart and the transits, first of all we need to determine
the key indicators of the chart. Öner Döşer will present you how to read the transits
based on classic and modern astrology techniques and will also give some practical
information based on his own experiences.
March 18th, 2013 Monday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Place: AstroArt Astrology School, Caddebostan
Lecturer: Roy GILLETT
10:00-13:00 Roy GILLETT, Astrology, Karma and Reincarnation
Roy will explain how he sees astrology, karma and reincarnation interrelating. By
knowing this fundamental cycle of existence, we can use astrology to understand our
life’s purpose, eliminate suffering and lead happier lives. As well as giving a detailed
explanation, this will be a practical session looking at the charts of famous people and
some of the students present. Roy will also offer answers to your questions.
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Roy GILLETT, Getting the Most from your Solar Fire
Solar Fire is an essential tool for everyone seriously interested in astrology —whether
learning for the first time or using it professionally. This software is designed to perform
the technical chores, so you can see clearly and explain astrological meanings.
Roy Gillett has been close to the development and distribution of Solar Fire for 20 years.
The features and shortcuts he knows will amaze you. This software will do much more
and work even more conveniently than you thought possible.
For the first hour, he will introduce basic operations. After a short break, he will focus on
how you use astrology; be it for personal and client/relationship work or forecasting and
mundane studies. This is a great opportunity for new, as well as existing users.
March 19th, 2013 Tuesday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Place: AstroArt Astrology School, Caddebostan
Lecturer: Nicholas CAMPION
10:00-13:00 Dr Nicholas CAMPION, Mundane Astrology: the Astrology of the Collective
This workshop will be accessible to beginners who have the basic language of astrology
and all students at other levels. Beginners will gain from the introductory material and
advanced students will benefit from the discussion of theory and the examples.
Mundane astrology is the astrology of the world, the Latin ‘Mundus’. It places the
individual in the collective and aims to understand history and predict the future with
the aim of managing the present. It will combine an introduction to technique with a
discussion of theory.
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Dr Nicholas CAMPION, Collective
We will survey basic techniques such as ingress charts and eclipses, but will focus on
the most important two developments in modern astrology – the national horoscope
and the use of outer-planet cycles. We will also consider the theory which is essential
for understanding practical astrology, including the world soul and the collective
unconscious. We will ask whether it is possible to predict the future, what astrological
tradition says about the role of the individual, and consider the current state of the world
with practical examples.
Workshop Fees
Saturday only             200 TL
Sunday only               200 TL
Saturday+Sunday       340 TL (with a discount of 15%) 
Monday only               200 TL
Tuesday only              200 TL
Monday+Tuesday        340 TL (with a discount of 15%)
All workshops            640 TL (with a discount of 20%)
For more information and reservation, please get in touch with the organizator, Didem  DÖŞER.
0216 386 73 96 – 0216 358 12 23
0535 665 44 56 – 0532 284 89 79
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Account Nr: 6298861
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March 20th, 2013 Wednesday
Time: 10:00-17:00
Place: Kozyatağı Convention Center
Lecturers: Öner DÖŞER, Roy GILLETT, Dr Nicholas CAMPION, Dr Benjamin N. DYKES, Mihaela DICU
The worldwide known astrologers will meet with the astrology lovers on March 20th,
2013 between 10:00 and 17:00 in Kozyatağı Kültür Merkezi within the frame of the
Second International Astrology Days event.
Hande KAZANOVA and Dr. Barış ÖZKIRIŞ will be the announcers of the seminar where
The well-known astrologers, Öner DÖŞER, Roy GİLLETT, Dr Nicholas CAMPION, Dr
Benjamin DYKES and Mihaela DICU will make their presentations.
The astrologers will be giving information on the indicators of the individual charts of
the audience. The natal charts will be prepared beforehand so that the audience may
follow the subjects from their individual charts. The audience should acknowledge the
Astrology School about their date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth which are
necessary to erect charts.
The audience may also get information, buy books and get in touch with the astrologers
at the Astrology School desk at the foyer before the conferences, between 09:00-10:00.
The attendance to the conferences is free and open to public.
09:00-10:00 The registration and preperation of the charts
10:15-10:30 Hande KAZANOVA-Barış ÖZKIRIŞ, Introduction
The teachers from the Astrology School and also well-known astrologers Hande
KAZANOVA and Dr.Barış ÖZKIRIŞ will be announcing the activities as well as last year.
They will be informing the audience about how to follow the subjects of the conferences
from their own charts and the notes that will be distributed beforehand and also will be
announcing the guest lecturers.
10:30-11:15 Öner DÖŞER, Discover your fortune
The astrologers have been giving some information on the issues which bring fortune,
earnings and happiness to the chart owner depending on the sign and the house where
the Pars Fortuna was based and its aspects with the planets. In this presentation, Öner
Döşer will be giving some information on the calculation method of Pars Fortuna and how
it is interpreted. Then he will be giving some astrological hints on how we shall catch our
chances and through which conditions and enterprises.
11:15-12:15 Roy GILLETT, The South and North Nodes–Mastering our Past, How to Create Opportunities in the Future
The nodes are the two points in the heavens where the paths of the Sun and Moon
intersect. These points move backwards through the entire zodiac every 19 years.
They indicate the way we handle familiar experiences in life (our “comfort zone”),
or, conversely, cope with new opportunities. There are twenty four possible sign
placements, and many more ways to master them. Roy Gillett will draw on his 40 years
experience with astrology to describe and advise you on every one. He has prepared a
110-year handout listing all the positions, so everyone can know their nodes, as well as
those of their friends and family.
12:15-13:15 LUNCH BREAK (1 Hour)
13:15-14:15 Nicholas CAMPION, Enigmas of Modern Astrology
Astrology is a mystery. We rarely stop to think about what astrology is, and most
astrologers practise it as if we all agreed. But is it an art or a science? Is it really possible
to predict the future? These questions shape the way astrologers work. This talk, drawing
on research at the University of Wales, will look at the different ways that astrology can
be justified, and will be an essential catch-up with the latest thinking for both beginners
and advanced students. We will also look at the Master’s Degree in Cultural Astronomy
and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, a unique on-line qualification
which includes the study of the history, philosophy and culture of astrology.
14:15-15:15 Benjamin DYKES, Victor of the birth chart
In this presentation, Dr. Benjamin Dykes will discuss the “mubtazz” or “victor” of the
birth chart, a leading planet in a person’s life, which gives information about someone’s
purpose and values. This topic was discussed by many medieval authors, and has roots
in the astrology of Ptolemy.
15:15-15:45 COFFEE BREAK (30 Minutes)
15:45-16:45 Mihaeal DICU, Juno in the Natal chart
In Astrology, Juno is by far the most popular asteroid. Thanks to its attributes pertaining
to marriage and other types of socially-recognized unions, Juno's position in signs
will clue us in our propensity towards marriage, capacity to function in it (or not), and the
profile of suitable potential partners. Juno can also inform about the way we function in
various other relations, particularly those based on contracts or agreements, including
business partnerships, social associations or diplomatic alliances.
16:45-17:00 Öner DÖŞER Closing Speech and Fomalhaut Award ceremony
Öner DÖŞER will be making the closing speech where he will thank all lecturers and will also announce the owner of this year’s Fomalhaut Award.
19:30-01:00 ASTROLOGY DAY PARTY, Moda Deniz Kulübü
The events will be finalised with a ball where we will be hosting our guests in Moda Deniz Kulübü bet ween 19:30 and 01:00. We will also host very valuable performers that night where we will be celebrating the closing of the Second International Astrology Days event. We will be glad to see all astrology lovers, astrology teachers and students with us.
For more information and reservation, please get in touch with the organizator, Didem DÖŞER.
0216 386 73 96 – 0216 358 12 23
0535 665 44 56 – 0532 284 89 79
Roy Gillett B.Ed (Hons. London): After twenty years in business and school teaching, Roy has spent forty as an astrologer and Buddhist. President of Britain's The Astrological Association and a regular presenter at international conferences, he writes The Astrological Journal's mundane astrology column. His books: The Essence of Buddhism is a simply-written, beautifully illustrated introduction; Astrology and Compassion The Convenient Truth (2007) outlines a vital 21st-century role for astrology; Economy, Ecology and Kindness (2009) shows that 1984-2024 astro-cycles urge post-growth-based economic structures; and The Secret Language of Astrology (2011) is a colourful and complete first book on astrology, available in eight languages. 




Dr Nicholas Campion – Biyografi


Nicholas Campion is director of the distance-learning MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and Senior Lecturer in the School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. He is the author of the foundational texts on modern mundane astrology, Mundane Astrology: the Astrology of Nations and Organisations (1984, with Charles Harvey and Michael Baigent) and The Book of World Horoscopes (1987).



Dr Benjamin N. Dykes


Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a leading medieval astrologer and translator, who gained his PhD in philosophy from Illinois. He received his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller, and taught philosophy at universities in Illinois and Minnesota. He translated and published Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy, the Works of Sahl & Masha’allah, and Persian Nativities I-III. He will release further volumes of essential traditional astrology translations of horary works. He offers the Logos & Light Lectures, philosophy courses on MP3.



Öner Döşer


Öner DÖŞER is a leading medieval astrologer who earned his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller. Öner Döşer founded the AstroArt Astrology School in Turkey in March 2005 and has been one of the leading lecturers there. In 2009, he gave start to interactive and live astrology courses on the Internet. In 2012, he founded Astrology TV and the first videos has been uploaded as of December 2012. He has 12 books published. His last two books “Maximum” and “Transformation” are also published in English. His articles are published in The Astrological Journal, the magazine which belong to The Astrology Association of Great Britain, and also in the magazine, The Wise. He still gives astrology lectures and his astrological forecasts are followed by many people in national press and also in social media. 


Mihaela DICU


Mihaela DICU is a founding member and the Honorary President of the Romanian Astrologers Association (AAR). She held the office of President of AAR during the  Association’s first four years, 2004-2008. 
She is a graduate of the Constructions Technical University in Bucharest and worked as  a licensed engineer. In high school, she used to write poetry and was an award winner in Romanian literature contests, at a national level. She fell in love with astrology as a teenager, and has been studying it ever since. In 2002, she committed fully to astrology as a professional practitioner. She is now a lecturer, author, editor and counseling  astrologer. Her great passion is Hellenistic astrology, but she is also dedicated to astrological research.
She has published several books: “The Zodiac: The Book of Astral Signs”[1], “First  Step towards One’s Horoscope: Planets and Asteroids in the Signs”[2], and “Practical 
Numerology”[3]. Her latest book, on Horary Astrology, will be out this spring, at the Polirom publishing house.