Mavericks Made Manifest Workshop – MICHAEL BARTLETT

Mavericks Made Manifest Workshop – MICHAEL BARTLETT

In this interactive workshop, Michael will be reviewing participants’ astrological birth charts and synthesize his knowledge of angular planets, astrology and Core Energetics to guide and support you in being the world-changing maverick you came here to be. Please bring your natal charts as well as your desire to share, identify and align with the opportunities you have to manifest your maverick power to change yourself and the world.

11th International Astrology Days will continue on Mar 25th and 26th with workshops that will take place in Altunizade Mercure Hotel. Workshops are suitable for beginner level students at least, for researchers, astrologers and astrology instructors.  Presentations of our foreign speakers will be translated into Turkish consecutively.


Mar 25-26th, 2023 – The quota for each Workshop is limited to 120 people.

Workshop fees:

Single workshop: 500 TL + VAT = 590 TL

Special discount for AstroArt Astrology School students and graduates: 400 TL + VAT = 472 TL

Special deals:

10% discount is applied for registration and cash payments for attending all 6 workshops.

2700 TL + VAT = 3186 TL (instead of 3000 TL + VAT = 3540 TL)

A 10% discount is applied to AstroArt School of Astrology students and graduates for registration and cash payments for all 6 Workshops.

2160 TL + VAT = 2549 TL (instead of 2400 TL + VAT = 2832 TL)

*Credit cards accepted.

A substantial amount of the income of this event will be donated to earthquake victims.


Michael Bartlett is the author of two books. Astrological Mavericks: Do you have what it takes to change the world? and AstroTheatre: A revolutionary approach to the ancient art of astrology. He offers webinars, workshops, experiential intensives, readings, speaking engagements. For more information, please visit and you can contact him at [email protected]

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