End of the Semester and Commencement

This year, we will make organize the commencement in our School of Astrology at the end of this semester. Our event will get start on 17:00 and will continue until the end of the presentation which will be made by Maurice Fernandez, our American guest and the OPA President, approximately until 21:00 o’clock.

The event calendar will be as follows:

  • Opening and tasty treats  17:00
  • Autograph session 17:30
  • Certificate Ceremony for Beginner Level Students 18:00
  • Certificate Ceremony for Intermediate Level Students 18:20
  • Certificate Ceremony for Advanced Level Students 18:40
  • Seminar  19:00

Following the ceremonies, Maurice Fernandez will give a seminar on “The Ascendant revealed by the 12th house”. Please click here for more information about the seminar.

Maurice’s book Neptune which has been lately translated into Turkish and published by our publishing house will be put on sale that day and an autograph session will be held.

Our event is not only for our students who will receive their certificates and diplomas. We will be happy to welcome all of our students, including the old ones, the students of other astrology schools, our colleagues and astrology fans.

Best Regards,

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