Horary Astrology Class

Horary Astrology Class

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Horary Astrology by Öner Döşer

Lecturer                      : Öner Döşer

Duration                      : 12 weeks

Date                            : October 2015

Time                            : will be announced later

Duration of a Lesson   : 3 hours

Course Fee                  : 350 TL/4 lessons (The payment is made in the first lesson of each 4 weeks.)

Registration                 :  0216 358 12 23 – 0532 284 89 79 – [email protected]


Lesson 1 – Orientation:the points that should be considered for judging the question / the classification of the signs / evaluation of the aspects / how to define the indicators / void-of-course Moon / the cases where the planets and the Moon are afflicted.

Lesson 2 – Orientation: The perfection of the aspects / göstergenin güç kazanması, translation of light, collection of light, conferring, directness, prohibition, cancellation, refranation, frustration, deprivation of light, recovery, generosity, similitude, middle position, authority

Lesson 3 – 1st house questions: the life and the health of the querent; what is the best period of the querent’s life? Is any spontaneous event good or bad for him? Is a lost person dead or alive?

Lesson 4 – 2nd and 8th house questions: how and when the wealth will be earned? Debts, profits, salary and wages… Is a person alive; will he come back and when? Taxes, payments, credits, insurances and inheritance…Dangerous situations…

Lesson 5 – 3rd and 9th house questions: Are the received information, offers, news and rumors right? Questions on travels and on educational, juridical and religious subjects… Dreams…Publishing matters…where the benefit will come from?

Lesson 6 – 4th house questions: how to find a lost or hidden thing? Questions on buying or selling house or property, the qualification of the place… Is that place cheap or expansive? Will it be good to move or what are the qualifications of that new place? Questions about the tenants…

Lesson 7 – 5th house questions: Questions about having children, pregnancy and the timing of pregnancy. The sex of the children… Questions about love… Questions about the middle men like messengers, brokers, bureaucrats… Questions about the money of a sold house…

Lesson 8 – 6th house questions: Questions about illnesses and weaknesses. Questions about the cure and the doctor… Questions about the pets and domestic animals… Questions about the occupation and the working conditions… Questions about leaving a job and beginning a new one…

Lesson 9 – 7th house questions: Questions about marriage and divorce. Questions about the timing of the marriage… Questions about the restrictions or support for a marriage… the number of marriages… the characteristics of the spouse. The most powerful part in the marriage, the man or the woman… The reasons for happiness or unhappiness in a marriage… Questions about law suits, competitions, partnerships, contracts and buying-selling…

Lesson 10 – 10th house questions: questions about managerial issues, managers and upper management… Questions about the law suits against the government or the management… Questions about profession and trade… Questions about business contracts… Questions about changing jobs…

Lesson 11 – 11th and 12th house questions: questions about the friends… questions about wishes and hopes… Questions about organizations and institutions… Questions about the hidden enemies… Questions about the prisons, reserved places and about imprisonment…

Lesson 12: Preparing for Poficiency Project

Proficiency Project

Öner DÖŞER, a leading Turkish astrologer, has many followers in the social and national media, including 22 million internet TV viewers. He started to study astrology with Hakan Kirkoglu, further studied with Robert Zoller and earned his AMA degree. He founded Istanbul’s AstroArt School of Astrology which has trained over 700 students and also teaching in Girne American University since 2014. In 2010, he organized an original online-live-interactive training program for the first time in Turkey which Turkish and foreign astrologers also take place as teachers. He has 20 books published, 3 translated into English and articles in the Astrological Journal. Since 2012, he has organized the International Astrology Days in Istanbul with foreign astrologers, a fifth is planned March 2016.