Preparing for a Consultation: Meeting Clients Through Their Progressed Lunar Phase – STORMIE GRACE

Preparing for a Consultation: Meeting Clients Through Their Progressed Lunar Phase – STORMIE GRACE

When preparing for an astrological consultation a vast amount of information can be considered to deliver a sound consultation to the client, but what if there is an easier way to get right to the heart of where your client is currently at from the inside out? This talk is an exploration of meeting the client through the natal and progressed lunar phase. We allow the client to receive information that prepares them to work smarter not harder. We will discuss the phases, hand calculate the phases, and the exploration of the celebration of cyclical deaths.

In the workshop, we will calculate, discuss, and celebrate charts of people, businesses, and countries! (SO fun)!!!!

11th International Astrology Days will continue on Mar 25th and 26th with workshops that will take place in Altunizade Mercure Hotel. Workshops are suitable for beginner level students at least, for researchers, astrologers and astrology instructors.  Presentations of our foreign speakers will be translated into Turkish consecutively.


Mar 25-26th, 2023 – The quota for each Workshop is limited to 120 people.

Workshop fees:

Single workshop: 500 TL + VAT = 590 TL

Special discount for AstroArt Astrology School students and graduates: 400 TL + VAT = 472 TL

Special deals:

10% discount is applied for registration and cash payments for attending all 6 workshops.

2700 TL + VAT = 3186 TL (instead of 3000 TL + VAT = 3540 TL)

A 10% discount is applied to AstroArt School of Astrology students and graduates for registration and cash payments for all 6 Workshops.

2160 TL + VAT = 2549 TL (instead of 2400 TL + VAT = 2832 TL)

*Credit cards accepted.

A substantial amount of the income of this event will be donated to earthquake victims.


Stormie Grace is a practicing astrologer with her own successful and entertaining show on YouTube where she interviews astrologers, sharing a wealth of knowledge. Her crowd-funded YouTube Astrology Academy brings the community together by providing FREE basic astrology classes taught by the finest Astrologers from around the world. She has been consulting with individuals and groups in Colorado and around the globe since 2014. Stormie holds a Doctor of Business which enables her to apply those skills to business and mundane astrology, as well as personal chart work.
She joined OPA as Recording Secretary in 2021, and now moves into the newly created role of Marketing Director where her experience with business practices, YouTube and social media is of great value to OPA. She is a member of AFAN, ISAR, and NCGR, a contributor to Career Astrologer, Astrology Hub and Midheaven Magazine, and is also a faculty member for the Portland School of Astrology.
Based in Colorado