Solar Activities and Us – Part Three

The scientists have been investigating the relationship between the Sun and the human behavior since the last century. According to the latest findings we see that the solar activity and geomagnetic activity change rapidly and during the solar cycle the number of sunspots increases or decreases; the psychology, behavioral patterns, creativity of the people change and the historical trends are affected.

As well as the magnetic storms caused by the Sun interrupt the communication systems and the sensitive electronic systems on Earth and in the space, they also affect the human because all our thoughts and attitudes are determined by the communication of billions of brain cells which are more sensitive then any complicated electronic device.

The solar activity changes on a daily basis. The Earth is affected by electrons, protons and other particles caused by the solar winds. This particle stream which we call as solar storm, hit the Earth’s magnetosphere powerfully according to the density of the magnetic plasma it carries and its speed. This causes some direct changes in the magnetic field, triggers the changes in the brain waves and hormones and consequently affects the human behaviors. During this magnetic polarity, sometimes a great energy is released which causes some huge geophysical events and moreover this affects the human DNA and lead some evolutionary changes.

In addition to geomagnetic changes, the anxiety and irritation increases during the solar winds. When the solar activities increase, we also observe an increase in the number of accidents, diseases, murders and other crimes. Aleksandr Leonidovich Tchijevsky, who is an Russian scientist, observed that the human nervous system was affected highly when the energy emitted by the Sun’s and the Earth’s radiation was the highest. The psychological disorders also make a peak. Some scientists such as Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Freedman claim that the changes in the Sun cause an increase in the psychopathic activity. During active geomagnetic storms, anxiety, depression and the number of suicides increase. The changes in the geomagnetic activity of the Sun also cause changes in blood pressure, reproduction and immune system and neurological disorders. The problems related with heart and circulatory system also increases. In astrology, the Sun is related with heart and circulatory system. So, it is reasonable that any disruption in the Sun and turbulences on Earth affect the heart.

When the solar activities are at maximum, it is not only the murders, terror attacks, accidents and health problems increase. The creativity in science and in arts also improves during solar maximum and many developments are experienced in the evolutionary process. The researches show that the human creativity makes a peak during solar maximum. In astrology the Sun represents the creativity but also the enlightenment, the power of consciousness, will and awareness. The solar activities will certainly help us to reach high levels of consciousness and awareness, we will benefit form the creative and beneficial energies. As a result, this high solar activity period is a transition time and an opportunity that will create a quantum jump in our consciousness. This is a period when we will get in touch with our higher being, when we will realize many things about the relation between the human and the cosmos and when both our individual and collective awareness will increase. In astrology, the Sun stands for the essence, integrity and consciousness. Even the events will prove to be harsh and stressful; we can come over the difficulties with the help of our will power and protect our integrity by being in touch with our own. Never forget, the planets and the Sun do not have the will power, but we do. The challenging events that we face happen to test our will power and the planets are the test tools that trigger these events. The ancient astrologers worked on the affects of the planets on the people by defining their astrological meanings.

The Direct Affect of the Planets

The observations show that many sources from the outside of our planet affect human behavior. Some of these sources are solar radiation, solar particles, lunar radiation and the planets’ affects on the geomagnetic field. The magnetism that exists within the cosmos affects the biological cycles of many living organisms, including the human. According to Michel Gougelin, the biological clocks of the human are directly related with the planets.

The planets that have a vital role in the formation of the solar activities increase the fluctuation of gases within the Sun and they cause sunspots and emission. The radiation of the planets which we feel through the magnetic signals affects the center of the Earth and the Sun both directly and indirectly. Even there is no solar activity; the positions of the planets also affect the geomagnetic activity.

The electromagnetic radiation of the planets also affects the center of the Earth as well as the Sun. The planets, affecting both the center and the surface of the Sun, change the magnetic field of the Earth and affect the biologic life as a result. So, of course they have an effect on the human.

Planetary alignments which can be considered as the combinations of electromagnetic powers lead to an increase in the solar activity, this disturbs the geomagnetic activity and the human get affected from this consequence. Because the human also have magnetic fields and are related with the magnetic field of the Earth constantly. The findings show that we are not within the magnetic field of the Earth only but we have our own individual magnetic fields. Any change in the magnetic field of the Earth’s affects our own. These little fields tend to harmonize with the big one however individual differences shift that affect. The human give different reactions towards the shifts in the magnetic field of the Earth. The reason for that can be seen in the natal charts.

The planets do not directly cause the events of our lives. The human do that. The energy is formed by the aspects and the combinations of the planets and stimulates the nervous system of the human and the human get into action. Consequently, the human tend to react in a state of mind that fits the dominant electromagnetic stimulants. Of course, our reactions are not inevitable. Some of us react in a subjective and in a responsive manner while others are more conscious and objective. Some sensitive people may be more affected and become hyperactive and aggressive. It is our choice to behave reasonably or unreasonably. The planet positions in our natal chart have a crucial role for determining our choices and reactions.

Our natal charts show that we have different bio-fields as we can also see in Kirlian photographs. This explains why we respond differently towards certain planet combinations. For many years, astrologers defined the different effects of the planets and categorized them. So, we can forecast which planets or combinations cause which certain behavioral patterns and which types of events can be experienced. Our character is our destiny. The planet combinations in our natal charts give us important hints about what our tendencies are while creating our own reality.

The people recognized that there was a link between the human behavior and the planet positions. By examining the movements of the heavenly bodies, they realized that there is a relation between these movements and the moods of the people. The most outstanding of these heavenly bodies is the Moon.

Lunar Effect

We are surrounded by billions of stars, planets and other celestial bodies which fill the magnificent design of the cosmos in a balanced way. Any change in this balance will affect us undoubtedly. The most obvious affects in our solar system will be based on the luminaries, The Sun and the Moon. An example of this is the tidal effect. The reason for the tidal affect is the ecliptic path of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth’s daily cycle of 24 hours. Through this mechanism, the Moon affects our daily life. It also affects the biological clocks and the mental attitudes of all living organisms through a mysterious mechanism. Moon gravity force on the Earth is 2.5 times more than the Sun’s and only with that reason it affects us that much. The human, the animals and all the greenery changes under the Moon’s light, nothing stays the same in terms of thoughts and attitudes.

In astrology, the characteristics of the individual, the involuntary and emotional features of his spirit are determined through the position of the Moon and its aspects with the other planets. The aspects of the Moon in the natal chart do not only express the emotional mood and the needs of the individual, it also points out the daily shift of emotions and the development phase of the events. When the Moon aligns with other planets, it increases the energy of that planet. This alignment creates a huge affect on the life on Earth. For example, when Saturn is close to the Earth and aligns with the Moon, we feel its repressive affect. When Jupiter is close to the Earth and aligns with the Moon, optimistic feelings become more dominant.

Many civilizations observed Moon phases and made their plans according to the long termed weather conditions. Moon phases help us understand the weather conditions and its affects on the life. Two phases of the Moon are mainly important: New Moon and Full Moon.

During Full Moon periods the Earth’s magnetic field is filled with extra ionization and biological life is influenced more. As the positive ion entrance is temporarily higher, the human and the animals feel repressed. Some scientists declare that the human are bombarded by a wider spectrum of electromagnetic waves during full moons. The Earth is negative loaded but during full moons it is loaded with positive particles. The reason is that the Moon reflects the Sun’s energy to the Earth. As the human are also negative loaded, they are influenced by this change and feel repressed.

Sensitive people are highly influenced by the full moons. The people who are restless may give exaggerated responses and make themselves and the others uneasy. They behave in a way they always wanted, their attitudes becomes sharper. In some extreme cases, they may go mad. The people who tend to be violent may give harsh responses. It is well known that the suicides, accidents and heart attacks increase during full moons. That’s why; there is a word “lunatic” which is used for the people who go crazy at those times. Such psychotic behaviors increase during full moons.

At full moon phase, the Moon is at the “magnetic tail” section which is created due to the particles swirling around the Earth. The moon reaches that point in four days and this sometimes creates an imbalance in the Earth’s magnetic field. In the new moon phase the Moon enters between the Sun and the Earth and its physical body stops the particles coming from the Sun and some geomagnetic disturbances are experienced. (Payne)

During full moons our creativity also makes peak. It is the time to give birth to a new thing. The things now become evident. Instead of acting individually, this period gives us the energy to act together. Consequently, full moons allow us to integrate and exchange love instead of living conflicts and diversities. As I emphasized before, the Sun, the Moon and the planets are the universal powers that emit electromagnetic waves. We respond to these energies in the light of our consciousness and awareness level.

Let’s summarize: the changes in the Sun and in the magnetic field are related with the positions of the Sun, the Moon and the planets. All these celestial elements, the human psychology, awareness, approaches and attitudes are affected by the changes that the celestial bodies create on the geomagnetic field. Similarly, the human consciousness and awareness influence the solar activities and the geomagnetic activities. Our interaction with the universal powers is not unilateral. They affect us and affect them. Astrology helps us to perceive this bilateral interaction and the integrity. The ancient astrologers interpreted the celestial bodies and their positions in the sky as the symbols of the human powers. Today’s astrology perceives these universal powers as the archetypes of human psyche. The more we study on the planets, the magnetism between the Sun and the Earth, the more we learn about human psyche. The more we learn about the activities of the Sun and its connections between the position of the planets, the Earth, it will be possible to forecast human affairs accurately. As astrologer Bruce Scofield say in his article The Cycles of the Sun “There is much to be learned about the Sun, life and magnetism which might someday turn out to be concrete evidence for the validty of astrology”.

The Interaction is bilateral

All living organism are linked with each other and we communicate through biological and electromagnetic fields. Egypt, Hopi, Indian, Mayan, Aztec and Chinese civilizations all believed in being united and accepted that the collective attitudes could be affected by the Sun. The science also began to understand the nature of these fields that bind the living organisms together. In the latest years, many evidences were found on that issue and many people began to support this idea.

The studies of the HeartMath Institute proved that the heart emits electromagnetic field and influenced the surroundings on energy level. It is evident that we are influenced by each other’s mood, attitudes and feelings. The studies also showed that if we are in a harmonized state of heart we can be easily synchronized and we can attain awareness on the energy field of our hearts. If you want to get more knowledge on the subject, follow the link below.

The scientists began to build global magnetic field detectors to record the changes in the geomagnetic field and the resonances in the ionosphere. They began to claim that if the heart rhythms and brain waves are on the same frequency with the Earth’s resonance, collective consciousness can affect the Earth’s energy system. More people began to believe that the prayers, meditations and collective intents will help the rise of consciousness and will bring positive results for the planet. The love that’s reflected on the planetary field will help the paradigm shift and will transform the cumulated negative energy. The common understanding is that: when the human thoughts and feelings are synchronized, they can affect the solar activities and the geomagnetic fields as a result.

The researchers claim that if a big number of people create a harmonized wave intentionally, this can get in contact with the planetary energy and the magnetic energy fields and by influencing these fields we can affect the collective consciousness positively. The American psychic Edgar Cayce says in one of his readings: “The Sun is formed of the same essence of us.” In terms of astrology, we are dealing with the relation between the Sun/the planets and their influences on the physical beings’ lives and feelings. It is not surprising for us to agree that the vibrations of the spirit are in interaction with the vibrations of the Sun and the planets. According to Cayce’s readings, the human spirit surrounds everything including our Solar System and the other systems. The Sun influences us and we have an influence on the Sun, to summarize.

Cayce’s readings emphasize that the human are responsible for the events that cause solar storms and sunspots and the modern science is not yet aware of the relation between the Sun and the human. The disturbances on the Earth cause sunspots. The hostility, anger and the jealousy of the human reflect themselves as sunspot on the Sun according to Cayce. His readings remind us that we are responsible of everything on our Earth. Cayce always repeated that we can come over the astrological motives by the help of our will power.

If we can change our responses to the planetary alignments and the powerful energy streams that will come with the geomagnetic activities, than we can also come over the challenges. Moreover, we can use this period as a milestone towards a global paradigm shift.


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