AstroArt Live Panel – ONLINE


Astroart Online Live Panel will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 20:30! Speakers are Maurice Fernandez (Vice President of OPA), Sharon Knight (President of APAI), Aleksandar Imsiragic (President of ISAR) and Öner Döşer (the founder of Astroart School of Astrology) meeting you with great presentations. Burcu Çakır will manage this panel on the zoom platform. The panel is free of charge, as the quota is limited, you are kindly requested to register.

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When: Sep 19, 2020 08:30 PM Istanbul
Topic: AstroArt Canlı Paneli

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Love and respect,
Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA
OPA Turkey Representative, member of APAI

Speakers & Presentations


Relationships – An Evolutionary Astrology Perspective

We all want to find satisfying relationships, and yet, many struggle to find (or keep) meaningful connections.

The Astrology chart reveals what is our true nature and what type of partner or dynamics will work most naturally for us.

What is your soul truly needing to learn in relationships?

This presentation will be an introduction to Maurice’s more extensive course on Astrology of Relationships – with Turkish translation –  that starts on September 21.




Awakening The Dragon

We are all aware that this unique Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 0º Aquarius will mark important transition in our social lives. However, this conjunction is also marking an important change in the flow of our Karma.

Actually, through the 4 Full Moons that are going to happen till the end of 2020 (Oct 1st, Oct 31st, Nov 30 and Dec 30th) will set the energy that is important to use this conjunction for the awakening of the best version of ones life. All of these Full Moons will directly activate 3 Power Places on Earth that are important to integration of our three key incarnations united in the energy of Dragon.




What Will The Aries Ingress Of 2021 Bring Turkey?

In this brief talk we will look at the forthcoming Aries Ingress for Turkey to see what theme will predominate using traditional mundane techniques including profections, monthly ingresses, eclipses and consideration of the Air mutation chart. Will 2021 be better than 2020?




Turkey in 2021

The world is entering a new cycle. What to expect from Turkey in economic and political terms in 2021, the first year of this new cycle? Öner Döşer will evaluate this upcoming year using the astrology chart of Turkey.