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OPA Turkey’s first Turkish Live Online Panel will be on Dec 18th, 2020 Friday at 21:00. Our topic is GREAT MUTATION, we will discuss about the effects of conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius to our lives on a worldly and personal basis. The speakers will be Öner Döşer, Hande Kazanova and Barış Özkırış, each will speak for 20 minutes. Burcu Çakır will manage this panel that will take place on Zoom. The panel is free for OPA members, and non-members can join the panel for a fee of 120 TL.

For information and sign up, please e-mail to [email protected].

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Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA

OPA Turkey Satellite

About Speakers



It’s significant that the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius coincides with a winter solstice. We experience the shortest day on Dec 21st, and then the days start to get longer. Therefore, this conjunction marks the transition from darkness to light and the BEGINNING of the GREAT CHANGE in the evolution of human beings. In his speech, Öner Döşer will evaluate the next twenty years in terms of health, ecological and economic balances, working life and professions, personal relationship and relations between countries.



A brand new system starts on Dec 21st, 2020! In this 20-year period, which will determine sociological, political and economic trends; our behavior, habits and reactions will change! What will all these changes bring in the economy? How will the new money system be? How will the balances change? Hande Kazanova evaluates all these and more on this panel.



The trailer of the age of Aquarius begins with Jupiter and Saturn, which will conjunct in Aquarius on Dec 21st, 2020. The 2020-2040 period, in which the awareness of science, technology, space, change, reform, humanism and brotherhood will become increasingly important, will bring big surprises to the agenda. As the gates of the Enlightenment age are opening, Barış Özkırış evaluates what will happen to the world and to us.