ISAR Consulting Skills and Ethic Awareness Trainings 2020

Since its establishment in 2005, AstroArt School of Astrology considers achieving internationally accepted high standards in astrology education as one of its primary objectives. As a result of its steady efforts, AstroArt has taken its place among the schools whose education quality has been approved by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) since 2015-2016.

ISAR is the most respected institution in its field that brings together institutions that provide astrology education with high norms on a global scale under one roof. While schools that are approved by ISAR are included in the ring of a wide chain in the international platform with their high education quality, they also have the opportunity to follow scientific developments worldwide regularly.

This collaboration between the AstroArt School of Astrology and ISAR allows our students, who have been undergoing an intensive training program for three years, to obtain an internationally recognized qualification certificate for the education they receive from our school, if they wish.

In order to obtain ISAR approved certificate, students are required to complete our advanced program and receive a diploma. Those who want to get a certificate must complete the “Competency Exam” organized by ISAR after completing their training programs under the name of “Ethics Awareness” and “Consultancy Training” requested by ISAR.

As of 2018, we have included the ISAR training program, which we offered as an additional course in the previous years, in the curriculum of our school. The last 9 courses of our Advanced Level training program, with a total of 36 courses (weeks), is devoted to ISAR training. It is compulsory to take these courses to complete the Advanced Level and get a Diploma.

Our students who have completed ISAR training will be entitled to a competency certificate if they attend the exam to be held by ISAR in September and succeed.

The first two courses are divided into Ethical Principles (4 hours in total) and the next 7 courses in Counseling Skills (18 hours in total). The trainings will be held between 18-20 September 2020, on the first day between 17: 00-21:00 hours, on the 2nd and 3rd days between 10:00-18: 00 hours by ISAR trainers Lea & Aleksander Imsiragic at Istanbul Altunizade Mercure Hotel. All conversations will be translated consecutively.

It is compulsory for our Advanced Level students who wish to receive all Diplomas in relevant ISAR trainings. Also, our graduates who have previously received a diploma can participate in these trainings. The fee they pay is the same as our Advanced Level students who are currently studying.

ISAR competency exam will be held on September 21, 2020 between 10:00-16:00 at Istanbul Altunizade Mercure Hotel. Participation in ISAR exam is not compulsory. All our graduates who have successfully completed their Advanced Level trainings and received diplomas will be entitled to take the ISAR competency exam if they complete their ISAR education.

ISAR Training fees:

Ethic Awareness: 95 USD + Consulting skills: 350 USD

Total: 445 USD (255 USD with special discount for our school students)

ISAR Competency Exam fee: 195 USD

(Optional for those who are eligible to take the exam.)

All our Advanced Level students who want to get a Diploma from our school are required to attend ISAR training. We kindly request that our graduates who wish to attend the relevant trainings have pre-registration for the training.

For more information and registration:

[email protected]

0532 284 8979

Important Note: Trainings and exam will be done in accordance with social distance.