EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY COURSE with Maurice Fernandez – Part 2

Evolutionary Astrology lessons with Maurice Fernandez is starting on Sep 21st, 2020, Monday. The trainings will be translated successively by a professional translator. During the training, students will be able to write their questions in Turkish and receive their answers in Turkish. You are offered watch the lessons you missed or want to listen to once again as much as you want during the season.

This program is part 2 of the Diploma program in Evolutionary Astrology.

You can participate in this program with or without certification.

Instructor: Maurice Fernandez

Course: 22 weeks

Starting date: Nov 16th, 2020, Monday

Time: 20:30 (Istanbul local time)

Sessions: 2 hours

Price without diploma (Just participation in the course): 4 sessions fee (monthly) 950 TL + VAT = 1121 TL

Price with diploma  (Including Homework review): 4 sessions fee (monthly) 1150 TL + VAT = 1357 TL

(Advance payment of 4 sessions every four weeks)

Registration: [email protected]

About the program: Relationships, Compatibility, and Sexuality

Evolutionary Astrology is one of the most powerful techniques to understand the reasons WHY we are on this planet. It provides answers to some of the deepest spiritual questions and the most practical concerns. We will explore some of the most common questions for ourselves and for our clients – how to live successful relationships:

–             Who am I, and what are my natural relationship needs?

–             Understanding relationship dynamics in our chart.

–             Why we attract certain partners, what are the karmic and evolutionary dynamics.

–             Sexuality in the natal chart – how do they reflect our natural emotions.

–             What makes a couple compatible, from an astrology point of view.

–             The foundations for successful relationships.

–             Romantic, social, and business relationships.

When we understand our Evolutionary purposes and lessons, we are in harmony with the universe and can make our astrology chart work in the best ways possible.

Maurice Fernandez has taught and practiced this approach for more than 25 years all over the world. He is critically acclaimed for his depth, devotion, and practical approach.

The PROGRAM (Part 2 of certification program)

These sessions will include Theory and Practice

Session 1 Sept 21 – Relationship Principles: understanding the roles of Venus, Mars, and Pluto in the chart

Session 2 Sept 22 – Sexual needs and soul evolution

Session 3 Oct 5 – The different patterns of relationships

Session 4 Oct 12 – Relationship needs and patterns

Session 5 Oct 19 – Relationship needs and patterns

Session 6 Oct 25 – Relationship needs and patterns

Session 7 Nov 2 – Relationship needs and patterns

Session 8 Nov 9 – Relationship needs and patterns

Session 9 Nov 16 – The Water Triad, Personal, Romantic, and Unconditional Love

Session 10 Nov 23 – Relationships in family

Session 11 Nov 30 – Relationships in family

Session 12 Dec 7 – Social life and friendship in Astrology

Session 13 Dec 14 – Past life dynamics in relationships: Karma mates, soul mates

Session 14 Dec 28 – Past life dynamics in relationships: Karma mates, soul mates

Session 15 Jan 4 – Past life dynamics in relationships: Karma mates, soul mates

Session 16 Jan 11 – Asteroid JUNO in the chart

Session 17 Jan 18 – Attraction, Rejection, and Trauma

Session 18 Feb 8 – The spiritual purpose of relationships

Session 19 Feb 15 – Business relationships

Session 20 – Integration and chart analysis

Session 21 – Further Practice and integration

Session 22 – Further Practice and integration

Note: Dates are subject to change. The session topics will not necessarily be taught in the listed order.

About the Diploma program:

PART I – Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology, The Nodal Axis, and overview of outer planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

PART 2 – Relationships, Compatibility, and Sexuality in Astrology.

PART 3 – Function of all planets in EA, including Chiron, Saturn and the Ascendant.

PART 4 – The Great Cycles: Aspects and Planetary Pairs.

PART 5 – Chart readings, practice, guidance, and integration.

Participants must participate in all parts of the program and successfully complete their assignments to receive the Diploma.

For more information about Maurice and Evolutionary Astrology, visit: mauricefernandez.com