Transition: Global Transformation and Renewal

Transition: Global Transformation and Renewal

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Transition: Global Transformation and Renewal

We are at the edge of great spiritual, cultural and social changes. On our path to this big change, many people realize that the existing system is no longer working and want to get rid of their habits, change relationships or move out existing situations. We are reaching a transition point in terms of evolution of human conscious and viewing from a cosmic window for new opportunities.  Looking out from this window, we should take part in what is happening and create the future we desire.  We should focus on the highest and the most ideal future for our children for the best possible outcome.

We should realize that we will be facing with challenging situations between 2012 and 2016. Our approaches and actions will determine the outcome whether this transition period will be easy or difficult. To be able to survive and give a better future to the next generations first, we must realize that we are at the edge of a cliff already.During this transition period, we should learn to act like a big family and how to be a team as soon as possible. Now it is time to learn to care for each other and for our planet. We have to learn to love and respect each other, to tolerate and have mercy, to share and to be thankful. We need to love the animals, the plants and all the living and non-living things and behave well. This world is ours!

By and beyond 2012, as we come closer to the era shift, we are about to experience surprising developments which will carry us to new and different forms of conscious. On the winter solstice of 2020 – December 21 -, due to Jupiter-Saturn conjunction new ideas will emerge which will open a new path in human conscious. During this “great transformation” period beginning 2012 and continuing until 2020s, we will begin to realize our own nature; our real self as a higher dimension of conscious.

Get ready, be prepared!

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"Oner Doser's Transistion teems with detailed, often surprising, explanations for the changes we face.  Seeing through the failed paradigm today's "experts" urge us to cling  to, he explains the 2012 end of the Mayan Long Count, Sun Spots, planetary angles and many more imporant  astro-events. We cannot avoid dramatic change, but when we welcome it our lives can be enhanced and healed."  Roy Gillett
Transition is a wonderfully deep and thoughtful exploration of how astrological cycles can help us to understand the world’s spiritual evolution and how beliefs define our lives. Simultaneously sophisticated and accessible, Oner Doser demonstrates an eloquent ability to inform, educate and stimulate, in a narrative which calls for a much-needed reintegration of spiritual and scientific understanding. Everyone has something to learn from this book, and anyone wanting to understand the full value of astrology, or why the Mayans and other ancient civilizations called our current transition period “the end of times” will discover a most essential resource here. Deborah Houlding
"A very meticulous and through study. I recommend reading it. Baris Ilhan
Oner Doser is a leading light in Turkish astrology, and uses his background in both modern and traditional techniques to inform and teach people about the value of astrology. His interest in world events and political trends is well shown in Transition: Global Transformation and Renewal. It will be a valuable contribution to this important branch of astrological thought and practice. Benjamin Dykes kindle'da satışa çıkan Öner Döşer'in ilk ingilizce kitabı olan Transmition: Global Transformation and Renewal kitabı için yazılan yorum 🙂

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Great book. Highly recommended… May 30, 2012

By Ayse Aricioglu
As a student of astrology I have read all the books of the author. I am very happy because not only Turkish but all the students of astrology of all levels can benefit from Mr. Doser's immense knowledge and insightful approach to 2012 and beyond since the book is in English. I only wish this book is read by everybody but specially by the politicians as the future of the world is shaped in these times of transition.