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AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA) has been founded in 2005 with the purpose to give an internationally approved high quality astrology education and to popularize this education throughout the country.  Since its foundation, ASA has been one of the best astrology schools in the country due to its efforts that were targeted in its founding philosophy. In addition to its efficient and qualified education system, ASA also takes the lead in establishing an active and co-operative astrology community.

Why Us?

Right Methods

We offer an in-depth training program that blends expertise with both classical and modern methods.

Experienced Instructors

Lectures are given by experienced, national and international trainers.

International Validity

Our training program is approved by ISAR (International Association of Astrological Research) and APAI (International Professional Astrological Association).

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Opening Day

Fomalhaut Award - 2018