Astrolojide Gösterge Tespiti (Significators in Astrology)

Öner Döşer, expert on Medieval Astrology, introduces the real astrology to the readers…

One of the most common criticisms about astrology is that the human are divided into twelve signs. This is right somehow but also includes a big illusion: simplifying astrology for quick consumption and dividing human beings into twelve groups is a result of popular astrology which dominates the media and the daily life.

In the face of popular astrology only goes back to a hundred years stands the real astrology which rises over a five thousand years of deep knowledge. When this real astorology which is based on observing the universe, nature and the life within the man’s own perception is compared with the sun sign based astrology columns in the media, we are faced with a fascinating and and highly advanced field.

Öner Döşer, expert on Medieval Astrology, introduces this real astrology to the readers through this book.

The book is mainly focused on the significators which are one of the basic tools for reading a chart as a whole instead of approaching the people by their Sun signs only.

We all know the planets; Venus is beauty, Mars is war, Saturn is limitations…However those are only common meanings; within an astrology chart they transform into astrological indicators which represent specific events and people and consequently helps us to take a photo of life.

Significators, used for interpretation and prediction about the native’s life, are determined through some special methods which are mentioned in this book. It is possible to determine the significators, which help us answer the questions like the financial situation of the native throughout his life time, the occupations he may be successful at, if the native has any tendencies to any disease, if the native will marry or not and the characteristics of the spouse, through the specific methods mentioned in this book.

Composed of information compiled from different references of classical astrology those were examined by Öner Döşer since 2003, this book is the first and the only book both in Turkey and all over the world that includes so much knowledge on significators. Through the help of special method explained in the book, the readers learn about the pronmises of their chart on many topics like marriage, money, profession, career, fame, health, shildren and much more.

Book Details

Book Title: Astrolojide Gösterge Tespiti
Author: Öner Döşer
Publisher: AstroArt School of Astrology Publications
Edited by: Mustafa Konur
Cover & pages designed by: Mustafa Konur
Language: Turkish
Size: 16 x 23 cm.
Number of pages: 264
Published at: December 2012 (1st edition), February 2014 (2nd edition)
ISBN: 978-605-63578-0-0

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