Astrolojide Kompozit Haritalar (Composite Charts in Astrology)

One plus one is never two in any love and in any relationship; it is one! Composite chart is the chart of this “one”. In the chart of “one” the fate of the relationship lies.

It is said that “Love is for two”. Someone falls in love with another; when you sum up it is 1+1=2. This is what everyone calculates who knows aritmetics. However, love is not calculated that way. Cupid clamps lovers in an irresistible way and sticks out his tongue to the God of Maths and makes those two people “one”. So,1+1 =1. Composite chart used in astrology is the chart of that “one”.

Astrology is not only based on individual birth charts. Relations also have a chart. Even it is a love relationship or a business relationship; all have a chart because the relationship itsekf is a “third entity” which is independent of the people in that relationship. And the fate of that relationship is hidden in the chart of that “third entity”.

In this book, Öner Döşer is teaching how to read the fate of the relationship through the help of composite charts. Composite charts, which could be erected for all types of relationships like business, love, parent-children, employer-employee, are priceless tools which help us understand the potential and the future of the relationship.

Book Details

Book Title: Astrolojide Kompozit Haritalar
Author: Öner Döşer
Publisher: AstroArt School of Astrology Publications
Edited by: Mustafa Konur
Cover and pages designed by: Mustafa Konur
Language: Turkish
Number of pages: 256
Published at: March 2015
ISBN: 978-605-63578-8-6

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