Brexit – In or out? What does the Astrology indicate?

Anyone buying a paper or watching news television could be forgiven for thinking only two items dominate the world, one Will Donald Trump  and his hair become the next President of America and two, will the UK stay in, or leave the EU.

I believe several years ago, Bernadette Brady predicted the White House would remain in the hands of the Democrats.  Unfortunately there is not a recorded birth time for Hillary Clinton.  She was born on the 26th October 1947 and Donald Trump on the 14th June 1946.  Maybe someone would like to write an article on the likely contender for the Summer issue?

Closer to home and nearer at hand is the Brexit issue.  The Referendum has been set for the 23rd June 2016. The polls open at BST and close at 22.00BST.  Some people look at the closing chart and others, the opening of polls.

With this referendum, firstly we need to look at the Aries Ingress for the country.

This has a fixed sign on the Ascendant, so traditionally the chart stands good for the whole year.

Not only is the Referendum being held just two days after the Summer Solstice, but Mars is slowing down prior to turning direct on the 30th June and is on the same degree as when the Referendum was announced on the 20th February 2016 (23 Scorpio).   Also, Jupiter having turned direct in May, has arrived back at the degree he occupied of the Aries Ingress. (16 Virgo).

The Lord of the Year of the Aries Ingress is Saturn.

Saturn rules the Ascendant, is conjunct the MC and is in Triplicity. He is sextile the Ascendant and in square with Jupiter his dispositor. He is the strongest planet in the chart.   Saturn indicates those in authority and the middle and upper classes (should there be such a thing today)! He can also indicate government ministers.  Bonatti says when Saturn is in Sagittarius, with Northern latitude, it signifies a multitude of strong waters and the coldness of winter. When Saturn is oriental, it signifies the nearness of the wealthy from their regions.[1]

One other thing to note is the presence of Mars very close to the MC (and Saturn). This could indicate rebellion, contention and strife throughout the year.

The Moon representing the common people, is located in the fixed sign of Leo, the sign of royalty or sovereignty.  This year our Queen reaches her 90th birthday, so there is a lot of focus on Royalty.  Leo is on the 7th house cusp.  The Moon is void of course.  The common people are in the hands of ministers (Sun)and rulers. The 7th is also the house of known or open enemies.  In this case, it doesn’t have to be those across the seas!

Jupiter, dispositor of Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury is in the 8th sign of others assets, in a sign/house where he is ineffective.   He is not only in detriment, but also retrograde.  By the time of the Referendum, he (whoever Jupiter represents) is having to go back on many promises made regarding status and finances.  The Government itself may be in rebellion or certainly divided.

Mercury ruler of the 4th house of land, heritage, the end of the matter, as well as the 8th sign of others assets, the dead, inheritance, is in both detriment and fall; he is drowning in a sea of debt.  It may be someone blows the whistle on how much debt is really involved both in the UK and in the EU. Mercury is also close to the fixed star Scheat – Robson says of this star when Mercury is with it: “Many accidents, narrow escapes especially by water, enemies, trouble through writing, bad for domestic affairs”[2].

To briefly sum up the Ingress chart of 2016: it seems there will be open rebellion by both the common people and those in charge. Promises made earlier in the year will be broken.  There is likely to be discord over finances, both those of the people and partners with whom the country is engaged.  The coming winter will be very cold.

I then compared the Ingress chart with the 1801 unification chart, the chart for when we joined the EU (it was then purely about free trade across the borders) and finally the chart for opening of the polls at 7am BST 23rd June 2016.

I immediately noticed in the quadri-wheel the following connections:

Saturn of the Ingress chart is conjunct the Venus of the EU joining chart and conjunct Mercury of the 1801, as well as being in opposition to Saturn of the EU joining chart and Mercury of the Referendum chart. These are all at 16 degrees of the mutables.

The other noticeable aspect was the Moon of the Ingress chart conjunct Saturn of the 1801 chart.

I feel the Venus is worth considering as she rules the Ascendant of the 1801 chart (naturally given the time and date for the inception charts).  She falls in the 1st house of the Ingress chart, indicating women may have the casting vote.   Venus in the 1801 chart, trines the following – Mercury of the referendum chart, Saturn of the EU joining chart and sextiles mercury (1801) Venus (joining EU) and Saturn of the Ingress chart.

In the 2016 Ingress chart Venus is exalted but not in hayz. She rises before the sun and can be seen in the pre-dawn sky.  It was said of Venus in this position she took on the mantle of the warrior Queen.  This is not a Venus to mess with.

So what do I think the outcome of the referendum will be using astrological deductions?

I think there will be a last ditch effort by the Government and Brussels to cause a distraction and instil fear in the common people that to leave, would be suicide. But I think “others” in the middle ground will see through the smoke and mirrors and elect to leave to preserve Sovereignty, laws of the land and finances. Saturn representing those in authority but not controlling the country.  The Mars conjunct the MC indicates rebellion from overseas and possibly from the Forces.  And the women, they will be the ones to sway the vote.

My thanks to Steven Birchfield for pointing out the following: the lunation preceding the Cancer Ingress prior to the Referendum has the lights at 29033 Sagittarius/Gemini.  This chart screams “CHANGE”!  Lunation in the last degree of Sagittarius (which is Midheaven of the Ingress chart). The ruler of the ascendant in the 10th and ruling the 10th. Lord of the 7th (foreign trading powers) being overcome in the ascendant. The Sun (the king) in the 10th but about to change.

I predict we will leave the EU.

In closing I will make one more point, the Full Moon on the 14th November is at nearly 23 Taurus/Scorpio, the degree of Mars in the referendum chart.  Mars on the 14th November,  is at 4 Aquarius, within orb of the Moon of the referendum chart (5 Aquarius). Saturn is at 15.50 Sagittarius, picking up the previously mentioned planets (see below) and Jupiter at 14 Libra is conjunct the 1801 South Node.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an uprising/violence by the common people and the Government may be in a position of a vote of No Confidence.  A gloomy thought.

We are in a for cold winter, be prepared.

My thanks as always to my Guru, Steven Birchfield for generously sharing his knowledge and time for discussion.

The charts  I used were 1801 UK chart Westminster 1.1.1801 at 00.00

Date UK joined the EU 1.1.1973 Westminster at 00.00

Aries Ingress 20.3.2016 Greenwich 04.31

EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 7am BST

[1]Bonatti on Mundane Astrology.  Isbn 13:978-1-934586-10-5. Pg 928 Trans Ben Dykes. Ben notes this phrase could be taken as the wealthy will remain close to home.

[2]Vivian E Robson Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology. Isbn 0-87728-611-6. Pg206.