Predictions for 2020 from The Book of All Judgements

In the beginning and mid of the last December, I have mentioned in the presentations for the Professional Astrology Organisation (OPA) of which I am the representative of Turkey and American Kepler College in which I am giving some lectures on prediction techniques, and in my article published on ISAR website that; 26th December eclipse is severely important, this eclipse is ending a decade and signifies the beginning of a totally new era, we will still be talking about this eclipse many years later, and nothing will stay the same. While doing this, I have mentioned them by benefiting from Saturn-Pluto conjunction that I have been explaining under the title of New World System in my lectures for years, since 2009. But, this was not the only conjunction. I have been giving place in my books and explaining by emphasizing since 2009 that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will create great changes. I have been predicted and expressed in my talks that; year 2019, before these three planets’ conjunction happened is the year of endings, and the year 2020 in which these three planets’ conjunction is happened, is the year of beginnings. In this manner, solar eclipse happened in 26th December 2019 had a milestone feature. This is why, I will mention a part about this in my article. You can read my extensive predictions on this topic, on ISAR web page in English.

Besides, the article in this link includes my 2020 predictions;

Below, you see the solar eclipse chart of the date, 26th December 2019.


Predictions from Sadullah el-Ankarawi’s work “Mecmuatü’l Ahkam”

I would like to give you some information about our researches that we have been carrying for two years under the roof of AstroArt School of Astrology, TAMAK which is the abbreviation for The Project on Researches and Introduction of Astrological Texts in Ottoman Era, and the masterpiece on which we made lots of studies: Mecmuatu’l Ahkam written by Sadullah el-Ankaravi which may be called as The Book of All Judgements. In Kandilli Observatory Library of Istanbul, there were books written by several astrologers but Sadullah Efendi’s Mecmuatu’l Ahkâm was spectacular due to its size and content. Tahsin Tahaoglu, the library manager, told us it was hard to find such an enormous book and so we decided to get a copy of this unique book which is 574 pages. This work of Sadullah Efendi is very important as it tells how astrology was practiced in the Ottoman Empire and the mental world of the day. The book was written in three different languages including Ottoman Turkish, Arabic and Persian because the author made some quotations from his antecedents in this book. Sadullah el-Ankaravi preserved the original language of these quotations. He made a great job through transmitting us information given by his predecessors and shedding light to astrological methods used in Ottoman era.

In this article I gathered information not only about the eclipse in Capricorn, planets’ positions and conjunctions in the ecplise chart, but also planets’ positions and conjunctions in 2020 Aries Ingress chart by Sadullah el-Ankaravi whom I frequently apply in my predictions and give references to. Besides, I am sharing information about Saturn and Jupiter’s move in Aquarius in 2020, retro movements of these planets, and retro movement of Mars in Aries in this article. My aim is to draw attention to success of prediction points of 19th century Ottoman astrologer Sadullah el-Ankarawi’s great work “Mecmuatü’l Ahkam” and share his warnings about forthcoming period. We can define the meaning of Mecmuatü’l Ahkam as the Book of All Judgements Collected in. We have used this expression while introducing this book as a part of our TAMAK project which undertakes the misson of regaining former astrological texts.



Among the information related with Capricorn eclipse which happened timely close with virus epidemic; I would like to draw attention that; epidemic illnesses and plague also take place among the information of what happens if Saturn is the ruler of this eclipse, and among the themes which are represented by Saturn, there are interpretations about old people.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign. In Ottoman Astrology, cardinal signs are called “Convertible Signs” which are associated with taking the initiative to bring change. According to traditional astrology, the eclipses in cardinal signs are associated with political issues, changes in governments and state affairs, changes in business life and public revolutions. They bring annoying events caused by external intervention, suffering of governments and authority figures, political changes and adverse impacts on world trade.

According to 19th century Ottoman astrologer Sadullah al-Ankarawi when the solar eclipse falls in in Capricorn “Land is ruined, zoning decreases, grass dries, crops get scarce, bandits increase and most people leave their countries and live far from home.” And he says if Jupiter is with South Node “It points out that there will be stinginess of religious people and the people of high class, their benefits are diminished and the prices in the market change.”[1]

In Mundane Astrology, Saturn is associated with the old people and it represents the death and the death rate. It is also associated with epidemics.

Saturn, the planet which represents recession, is also related with structured systems, structuralism, methods, working systematically, precautions and prudence.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, if Saturn is the ruler of the Solar Eclipse:

“If the ruler is Saturn, troubles occur from diseases and sorrows belong to Saturn and developments happen in change of wheather, cold, fog and smog. Plague arise and give harm to load carrying big animals, old people from mankind, sheikhs, ancient dynasty members, peasants, poors and the ones choose to be alone.”

26th December eclipse was in conjunction with Jupiter, and Jupiter was quite afflicted because of both being in Capricorn in which Jupiter is in fall but also burned, and because of having conjunction with South Node.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, if Jupiter is in Capricorn: It signifies Plague and epidemics to seen in Egypt, kings’ wives to get ill, notable people to die in West. (Taken from Tuhfe.)[2]

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, if Jupiter is burned in Capricorn: It signifies people in high positions to die, fevered and dry illnesses causing deaths to be seen.. If Moon has a position in  aspect with, merchants and market store keepers’ conditions to get worse, people to show keenness for their countries. (Taken from Tuhfe.)[3]

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi,  Jupiter-South Node Conjunction : It causes powerful and wealth holder peoples’ conditions to get worse and  order of attachements to arrive for their goods, people in dignified positions and notables to get ill, facilities to be done illegally, religious people to have frailty, separation to be seen between great persons, illnesses and wheather to worsen.

According to Sadullah el-Ankarawi “Jupiter in fall brings hesitations and astonishments of the viziers, scholar and the statesmen, instability of prices, false decisions in management and politics, non-profitable trade and inactivity at customs gates. Jupiter – South Node conjunction brings deterioration of the financial conditions of the wealthy and powerful people, and distrain of their properties, illnesses of people in authority, illegal affairs, debilitation of religious people, separations between the powers that be, illnesses and bad weather conditions.”[4]

 Surely, these interpretations are also valid for Capricorn Ingress chart which is erected for predicting winter months. That chart explains the dates between 21th December 2019- 21th March 2020. Also in that chart Jupiter is in Capricorn and burned, having conjunction with South Node.

According to Sadullah el-Ankaravi, when Jupiter is combust in Capricorn, it indicates severe cold in weather.” And “When the South Node in Capricorn, severe cold and earthquake is seen in the winter.”[5]

What we have in 2020 chart?

In Traditional astrology, to understand what new year will bring along, Aries Ingress chart is checked. This chart is valid from 21th March to following 21th March date of the next year. In the chart erected for Ankara in 21th Martch 2020, Pisces is in ASC.



According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi,  if Pisces is in ASC : It signifies hostility and contradictons to arise and cause war and fighting in kings’ countries, rulers’ conditions to be troublesome, soldiers to be exhausted in war, bandits to increase on routes, and goods to decrease.[6]

The ruler of ASC sign is Jupiter. Therefore, Jupiter’s situation will give important information about how the year is going to be.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi,  if Jupiter is the ruler of ASC: If it is alone and  in good position, this signifies healthiness and security, rulers conditions to be good, facilities of women to be good and to have many sons, disorderes to arise in Europe and their notables to be exhausted, high quality fruits, expensiveness to rise, rains to increase, notables’ conditions to be good, people to be in asceticism and make beneficial works. If Jupiter has a bad position, it signifies the opposites of what we have mentioned. Additionally, besides eye illnesses, coughs, flu and lung inflammation kind of infectious illnesses to rise, also defeatism, lie and fornication to seen, injustices to incresae and a sultans’ death to happen in East. If Jupiter is not alone, but together with Mars, it signifies treason, assertors and thieves to increase, many times severe hot temperatures to happen, plague to arise and a big ruler to be exhauseted. [7]

Jupiter is in Capricorn in which it falls. Additionally afflicted by Mars.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi,  if Jupiter is in detriment: Scholars, viziers and muslim judges (kadı) fall in trouble, being insulted because of slandering the ones in these groups, food and groceries to become valuable, stillness and fatigue to be seen in schools and judgemental institutions.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi,  if Jupiter has a bad position: it signifies besides eye aches in people, coughs,  flu and lung inflammation kind of infectious illnesses to rise, also defeatism, lie and fornication to seen, injustices to incresae and a sultans’ death to happen in East.

In the chart of the year, Jupiter along with Mars having conjunction in Capricorn sign on the same degree. Capricorn sign takes place in earth element triplicity.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi,  if there is Jupiter-Mars conjunction:

If in Capricorn sign: It signifies viziers, honourable people and shcolars to show carelessness in their works, the ones belonging to this group to be insulted or get ill, fall into trouble by soldiers and commands, idle and stray people to gain power.

If in earth triplicity: Disorders arise  in between notables of public, imams and judges live unfortunate things, groceries perish, air is blurred due to temperatures, crops in fields go to waste because of grasshoopers and other harmful animals. [8]

In the chart, Jupiter also has conjunction with Saturn.

If there is Jupiter-Saturn conjunction:

If in Capricorn sign: Governments and world’s conditions change, emotional and lonely people rise to high positions, noble and royal people dissappear, durable buildings are made, destructions happen, lies and fake news occur, air is generally cold and rains decrease.

If in earth triplicity: Sheikhs and old people gain power, property owners make progresses, old dynasty members live happily, food gets plentiful, facilities about crops and public works are demanded, government management pass in to another hand, earthquakes happen and moon eclipse occurs. [9]

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, since the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn and Jupiter is in fall in the same, namely they are both debilitated in this sign and they are in conjunction in eclipse (or ingress) chart “The common people contradict with preachers.”

Transiting Planets in 2020

Saturn has begun its transit in Aquarius on 22th of  March 2020. On 2nd of July 2020 it will move back again in Capricorn and by transiting in Aquarius on 17th of December 2020, will be moving in Aquarius until 7th of March 2023.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Saturn transits in Aquarius: Destructive winds blow, chaos and wars arise. Statesmen decrease, they come over to bad things, goods and properties are lost, old people die and the ones represented by Saturn gain power. Plague and deaths increase, ordinary and low class people become prevalent, sorrows arise, lies and fake news are heard, people demand to be valued, unpleasent rains and winds mount up, salt rises, crops decrease and earthquakes happen. It causes servants’ conditions to worsen and to be in trouble and sorrow, services to lessen due to the high moisture in air, old people to die, whereas in East griefs and sorrows to increase. Sadullah al-Ankarawi declares “Saturn’s transit in Aquarius sign signifies chaos and wars, plague to spread, deaths to increase in the world, winds to rise and crops to decrease, earthquakes to happen” by referring the quotations he took from old works named Letaif and Tuhfe.

Following the date 2th of March in which Saturn began its transit in Aquarius, the other malefic Mars has transitted to Aquarius on 30th of March. These two has had exact conjunction on 1st of April 2020.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Saturn and Mars has conjunction in Aquarius:

It signifies soldiers to get together, Kurds to show courage, old people and riders’ bad conditions, a king to abdicate from an old dynesty.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Saturn and Mars has conjunction in air element sign:

It signifies disorder, war and fake promises to occur, wheather challenges, dangerous illnesses, faults in treatments, cruelty, fear and  fright to arise in odalisque,wise people to be beaten or to be murdered, that year to go through drought.

In the end of 2020, Jupiter will also be transiting in Aquarius.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Jupiter transits in Aquarius: Servants fall in troubles, goods gets plentiful and cheaper, stagnant facilities improve. All creatures get away from troubles and distresses, kings’ hearts are purified from griefs and refreshened, plague and epidemics are seen in Egypt. It causes kings’ wives to get ill, notables of public to die and rains to decrease in West, whereas in East rains and winds to decrease.

Retro Effects in 2020

Sadullah al-Ankarawi has given place to planets’ retro movements in 12 signs in his work named Mecmuatü’l Ahkam. In 2020 slow-moving Jupiter and Saturn will have retro movements in Capricorn and Aquarius signs. Mars will also have retro movement for about two months, will stay for a long period in Aries.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Saturn has retro movement  in Aquarius: Power and authorities of kings and commanders rise, notables of public and community suffers, scholars, judges, notables and governers’ welfare improves but there happens some situations frightening these groups. Violent cold happens, snow and freeze situations mount, people have difficulties in maintaining existence, one of statesmen and notable of public dies.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Saturn has retro movement  in Capricorn: Chaos and confusion arise in world generally, wealth of people are divided, public is open to magical and spell effects, some illnesses spread among servants, public goods are impounded, execusion and discussion situations mount, inconsistencies and incompatiblities happen between people. Effects of Capricorn decrease , effects of Aquarius increase, and thieves get damages.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Jupiter has retro movement  in Capricorn: Jupiter is in fall here and in a long distance away axis.Kings get along with public and have good relationship. Kings’ ideas and notions are confused, commanders and some governers leave their territories, viziers, clerks and their families live unfortunate things, public and low class people get so angry to clash each other.[10]

In another point of view, kings’ tornment on his public and injustices rise, sutable and virtuous people dismiss rules, darü’l-harb[11] notion lose its popularity, sutable people live troubles, it snows and freeze happens, cold and hot winds blow.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, when Mars has retro movement  in Aries: Fevered illnesses are seen and people suffer from various illnesses. People in service sector live sorrow and sadness, they regret some facilities they have done. In exact retro time, public experience chaos and come over with some troubles. Besides, it causes effects to increase and densify but it comes down quickly. Illnesses are seen on head and eyes, teens and children get ill and suffer. Conditions of cavalries, idle and vagrant people doing nothing stays the same, distresses, bankrupt situations, sadnesses and wars increase.

We understand from Sadullah al-Ankarawi’s warnings here that we should be careful about epidemics issue in autumn months in which Mars has a retro movement in Aries. Mars will be in retro movement between the dates of 10th September- 14th November.

I feel obliged to give many thanks for my beloved student who has an important role in his translations; Şükran Öztürk, has collected all these information from Sadullah al-Ankarawi’s work Mecmuatü’l Ahkam. We shared some parts of this report of her which she prepared from Mecmuat as a suprise for me without any request of mine. I hope we will conclude the translation of this work this month. Afterwards, it will become more understandable with my interpretations and will take a book form. I have no hesitation that it will be a great contribution for astrology circle!

10th April 2020, Istanbul

Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA

OPA Turkey Representative, APAI Member

AstroArt School of Astrology Founder

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