COSMOLOGY, MYTHOLOGY and ASTROLOGY will be the topic of The 8th International Astrology Days in 2019, the annual event organised by AstroArt School of Astrology.

In the 8th International Astrology Days event, we will be together with many precious astrologer friends from the international arena. Our event is starting on March 14th with a preconference workshop at Astroart School of Astrology. International Astrology Conference, consisting of lectures of our guest speakers, will take place at Altunizade Mercure Hotel on March 15th between 10:00 and 18:00. That is also a special day for us. We will celebrate the 14th anniversary of our school, AstroArt School of Astrology together with all our guests and attendees.

Hande Kazanova, one of the graduates and an instructor of Astroart School of Astrology will be announcing the conference lectures which will be translated consecutively. The presentations of the speakers will be applicable to participants from all levels of astrology and also to astrology lovers who do not have much knowledge on the issue.

Our special guest speakers are:

  • Ana Andrade – Peru
  • David Cochrane – USA
  • Donna Young – Canada
  • Gaisheda Kheawok – Canada
  • Julija Simas – Australia
  • Rick Levine – USA
  • Ursula Stockder Busch – Mexico
  • Öner Döşer – TR

During the 8th International Astrology Days, eight workshops will be hosted in AstroArt School of Astrology. Workshops are suitable for beginner level students at least, for researchers, astrologers and astrology instructors.  Presentations of our foreign speakers will be translated into Turkish consecutively.

All astrology lovers, astrology instructors and students are kindly invited.

With love and light!

Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap
OPA Turkey
Member of APAI


Location: Altunizade Mercure Hotel – İstanbul

Date: March 15th, 2019 Friday


Sacred Sound is the gateway to aligning and receiving the Gifts to our Intuitive Wisdom. In the tribal tradition we call this the Blessing, which naturally attunes us to the highest vibrational frequency. The Sacred Sound Blessing shared by Tribal Peace Elder Gaisheda Kheawok honours the Soul’s journey, celebrating all People from all Traditions, unifying and honouring the re-emergence of the Earth Tribe.


Whirling dervishes Silivrikapi Mevlana Cultural Center will perform a sema ceremony.

10:35-11:00 ÖNER DÖŞER

Cosmology and Astrology in the Sufi’s Tradition

Sufi cosmology is based on spiritual hierarchy. S


Archetypal Shamanic Energy MedicineTM – Sacred Sound and the Alchemical Healing Process

In Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ (ASEM™), “everything is energy, and everything is frequency,” and we are all inherently aligned via the natural world and to our intuitive wisdom. Sacred Sound is integral to Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™, which understands Expression as the primary Message of The Mother (Sacred Feminine Archetype), and that it is through Sound that we accelerate the evolution of the Emotional Body. In professional astrology practices, astrologers and clients to work in concert with the wisdom of Celestial Bodies, and the energetic laws of nature when dialogue is conceptualized as vibrational frequency – Archetypes. In this seminar, we will explore these concepts in detail.

11:45-12:00 COFFEE BREAK


Life and Existence In Mesoamerican and Greek Philosophy And Cosmology

During this presentation we are going to explore the similarities and differences between the Mesoamerican and the Greek Cosmology, their relation to life and existence, and their cosmic relation to death, nature and the universe.

12:45-13:30 DONNA YOUNG

Uranus: From Mythology to Modern and back again

Of all the planets in the solar system, Uranus is the one whose astrological description least fits the mythology. Explore astrological, astronomical and mythological Uranus to uncover how we might best use him in the astrology chart.

13:30-14:30 LUNCH BREAK

14:30-15:15 ANA ANDRADE

Mythology, Cosmology and Astrology of the Inca Empire

We will travel back to those fascinating times of the history to explore the cosmology of  the Inca Empire, how they held a vision of the sky, their mythology and how they incorporated that knowledge in their daily lives.

15:15-16:00 JULIJA SIMAS

Astrology and Cosmic Co-Creation

The contemporary understanding of the nature of the universe, not only gives the practice and use of Astrology a green light to flourish, but also the go ahead to consciously co-create a better world. In a culture diluted and fragmented by materialist science, with still a heavy aversion to the mystical and the unseen, the new paradigms reshaping our understanding of ourselves in our connected universe bring astrology right back into global consciousness. By looking at the cosmology of the ancients and the contemporary cosmic understanding, in this presentation Julija realigns our astrology with a greater cosmological understanding as we respond to living in a connected universe.

16:00-16:15 COFFEE BREAK

16:15-17:00 DAVID COCHRANE

How to Predict Accidents

Can we use astrology to predict when a person is more likely to get into an accident? Yes! There are particular transits that make it more likely to a person to be in an accident. In cases where the person is impatient or impulsive, transiting Mars and Uranus and natal Mars and Uranus are involved. However, the transit-to-natal aspects are not the usual ones that we might expect, such as squares and oppositions. In addition to Mars and Uranus, the planets Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are also important but do not increase the likelihood of an accident as much as Mars and Uranus. In this lecture David will explain very clearly how to analyze the positions of transiting planets and natal planets to determine when a person is more likely to be in an accident.

17:00-17:45 RICK LEVINE

Peering into the Mind of God

Albert Einstein once said, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.” How do cosmology, science and spirituality weave a magic carpet tapestry that supports astrology? What is life? Is our fate written in stone in our horoscopes? Does free will exist? What is the relationship between the cosmos and the individual? What survives death? How can we better understand our place in the Universe? What does astrology say about these unstable times? These are big questions… and not the answers you expect.

17:45-18:00 CLOSING CEREMONY (Gaisheda Kheawok)



Location: AstroArt Astrology School Classroom

Date: March 14th, 2019 Thursday

10:00-13:30 DAVID COCHRANE

How to Pick the Best Places to Live, Work, Vacation, and Find Romance

There are simple and accurate ways to pick the best places for whatever you are interested in, whether this is a place to live, to increase business, to vacation, or to find romance. We can also see places that are disruptive and where accidents are likely to occur. By using new innovations based on ideas in Vibrational Astrology, we bring relocational astrology to a new level. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this workshop will show you how to give consultations that really help your clients, friends, and family find the places that are best for them.

Date: March 16th, 2019 Saturday


Thirteen Canoes® and Thirteen Stones®

In Shamanic Astrology traditions, Archetypal Shamanic Wisdom Wheels are known as the Foundation of Truth. The Wisdom Wheel Teachings represent a Blueprint for humanity in raising global consciousness and provide a foundation for astrology practitioners to learn to work in concert with the energetic laws of nature and align to the highest vibrational expression. In this workshop, we will explore the Shamanic Wisdom Wheels and Charts via the energetic Archetypes of the Thirteen Canoes® and the Thirteen Stones®, learning how to integrate and apply these transformational tools and frameworks into existing astrology practice.


The Symbolic and Allegorical Astrological Message Delivered Through Works Of Art and The Astrologer/Painter’s Motivation Behind Them 

During this workshop we are going to explore:

  • The life of different painters who were highly influenced by their own astrological knowledge or who were close to astrologers that delivered certain symbolic and allegorical messages through them.
  • Their historic moments, motivations and influence in the society of their times.
  • The meaning behind the symbolic and allegorical language of their paintings.

Date: March 17th, 2019 Sunday

10:00-13:30 JULIJA SIMAS

Venus Cycle

Part 1 – THE VENUS PHASES Most of us know Venus by sign house and aspect, yet knowing Venus also by her phase relationship to the Sun and Earth gives us a greater understanding of the way Venus operates in our astrology. In this workshop we will find our Venus Phase, explore the different Venus phases and their meanings as part of a synodic cycle and how these different phases operate in an astrology chart.

Part 2 – THE VENUS STAR The Venus star is a natural rhythm, 5 points are created in our astrology chart every 8 years, yet are also reaffirmed every 9.5 months. To follow this rhythm in our astrology chart over a lifetime, not only helps us tune ourselves to her cosmic and creative rhythm, but adds another potent way to consider evolutionary growth to our astrological tool kit. In this workshop, we will learn how to plot the Venus star in our charts and work with some chart examples to see how it operates.

14:30-18:00 RICK LEVINE

Becoming a Better Astrologer: The Theory and Practice of Improving Client Consultations

You know the basics but seek something more in your chart work. Learn useful concepts and specific techniques designed to alter your approach to natal and transit astrology, enabling you to more profoundly touch your clients. This workshop combines presentation, discussion, group process and astrodrama to improve the natal chart interpretation skills of astrologers at all levels of study and practice. Participant charts will be used real-time to illustrate principles of astrodrama and astrological role playing. This workshop will give consulting astrologers useful tools to apply in their client work, while helping serious students facilitate a transition into professional astrology.

Date: March 18th, 2019 Monday

10:00-13:30 DONNA YOUNG

Experiential Drum Journey To The Planets

In the practice of our indigenous people, we will use drumming to help you find your personal power animal. Your power animal will be your guide as we visit the solar system and learn more about what the planets have to say than we could ever learn through study. In this interactive workshop we will receive messages from the planets that can help us on both a personal and a collective level.

14:30-18:00 ANA ANDRADE

The Fascinating Conception Chart

This workshop is dedicated to learn about the conception chart, all the insight it provides, how to calculate it, how it reveals interesting information to add value to the typical interpretation of the natal chart, how it works in returns and in synastry. The workshop will provide a wide range of examples and the participants will receive their conception chart.


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*Credit Cards are accepted

Seminar Fee:
Whole day event 100 TL + VAT = 118 TL

Workshop Fees:
Each Workshop: 250 TL + VAT = 295 TL (200 TL + VAT = 236 TL for Astroart School of Astrology students and graduates)

Note: Register (with advance payment) for two workshops at least, join the conference at the Mercure Hotel on Friday, March 15th, 2019 for free.



Ana is native from and based in Lima, Peru.  She studied at the Fundacion Centro Astrologico de Buenos Aires, (CABA), Argentina, where she graduated in 2009 with a special mention. In 2010, Ana concluded the Postgraduate Program and became Professor of the Astrology and Intuition Seminar in that center.  In 2011, she became an International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) Certified Astrological Professional.  She also collaborated as professor in ISAA (Superior Institute of Astrology) in Argentina, leading workshops with a wide range of topics and she co-led the certificate workshop on Consulting Skills for the ISAR competency exam.   As Ana returned to Peru, she has published, as co-author, in the March 2015 AFA Journal of Research, and in the ISAR journal (2013, 2014 and 2016).  Ana also contributed with articles and research to the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) in 2016. Ana participated as conference speaker in the 48th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain (2016) and in the Astrological Lodge of London, UK (2017).  In 2018, Ana participated as Speaker in the 28th IVC in the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology in Kolkata, India, and the UAC 2018 in Chicago.  Ana continues leading workshops and provides consultations intensively using asteroids in her practice.

Contact: [email protected]


David is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc. and the author of the Kepler astrology program. David’s involvement in astrology for over 3 decades is impressive. David is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is able to break complex ideas down into simple form and to inspire as well as to educate. David has been called a “theoretical genius”, “the world’s greatest expert in harmonic astrology”, and “the best speaker” at national conferences, and even simply “the best astrologer” by some of the world’s most respected and experienced astrologers. David co-founded The Avalon School of Astrology with his wife Fei, which is one of the only state-licensed physical astrology schools in the USA. He also authored two books (Astrology for the 21st Century and AstroLocality Magic) and a third book (Astrology and Sacred Geometry) is expected out in 2006.

Contact: [email protected] /


Donna Young is a Canadian Astrologer who holds a degree from Kepler College and certifications from NCGR and OPA. She is on the faculty of Kepler College, teaches for the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) and offers private classes both online and in person in Alberta, where she maintains a professional consulting practice. Involved in astrology at all levels, she is a member of ISAR, NCGR, AFAN, is the Canadian representative for OPA, and is co-coordinator of the Canadian Astrology Conference.

Contact: [email protected] /


Gaisheda Kheawok is a Tribal Peace Elder of Celtic and Seneca lineage, Clinical Psychotherapist, Tribal Astrologer, Medicine Person and Shamanic Priestess, known as the Messenger of The Mother. She is the Founder/Executive Director of the Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine. Gaisheda has been a Member and Faculty of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), the Canadian Association for Integrative Energy Therapies (CAIET), and is a member of the Seneca Indian Historical Society and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR).

Contact: [email protected] /


Julija is the founder, motivator and designer behind the C*I*A, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Completing a Diploma in applied astrology from “Astrosynthesis”- Melbourne , Julija wrote her finishing thesis Astrology and the ANIMA MUNDI in 2005, which  inspired her to put her ideas into motion,  using astrology for a co-creative purpose and raising consciousness to astrology around the globe. Julija is a practising astrological consultant, teacher, writer, presenter and retreat organiser for the C*I*A. Julija is currently studying with the Resonance Academy delegate program, founded by Nassim Harramein  on the connected universe. Julija has lectured at various C*I*A events, local workshops, and retreats online and presented at international conferences UAC 2012, ISAR 2014 and ISAR 2016, Astrology Rising Costa Rica 2017.

Contact: [email protected] /


Cofounder of, a founding Trustee of Kepler College, and co-author of 8 years of Barnes and Noble’s annual “Your Astrology Guide”. Rick wrote a daily horoscope column for nearly 17 years, delivered via the Internet to millions of readers per day through He is the subject of a DVD, “Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History”. His Internet videos reach tens of thousands of people every month.

Contact: [email protected] /


“Astrology and Painting are expressions of my illusion, my fantasy, my longing, my dreams and myself. They represent a continuous dialogue with my interior, that confronts me and moves me to try to understand and comprehend the mysteries of life and the universe”

Ursula Stockder Busch, Global Director for ISAR Mexico, studies in Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, Jungian Psychology, Thanatology, Art History and Painting. She is the OPA satellite for Mexico.

Contact: [email protected] /


Öner Döşer, the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology, School of Astrology Publishing, and Astrology TV, is an astrology consultant, author and lecturer, who completed the Robert Zoller Medieval Astrology Course and has been rewarded with a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (AMA). He wrote 21 books, 9 of them have been translated into English, and his articles have been published in The Astrological Journal, The Career Astrologer and ISAR web site. He participated in several organizations abroad as a lecturer. In order to support his efforts to give sound knowledge on astrology in Turkey, he has been organizing an annual event named International Astrology Days and inviting well-known astrologers from different countries and help them meet with the astrology students and astrology lovers in Turkey. Having trained over 1000 students, he took some important steps as of 2016 and AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA) has been added to the approved school lists of APAI and ISAR. He is a member of The Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI), International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) proficiency certificate holder and Turkey Satellite of Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA).

Contact: [email protected] / /