AstroArt School of Astrology organizes its “Season Opening Event” in Altunizade Mercure Hotel on September 23-24, 2023. Workshops which will be conducted by our international guests ALEKSANDAR IMSIRAGIC, EHSAN KHAZENI, FEI COCHRANE and LEA IMSIRAGIC on September 23 will be a paid event open to public audience.  On September 24, Sunday, we will host our students for commencement ceremony and then several topics will be presented by our guest astrologers and also by HANDE KAZANOVA who will present the event and ÖNER DÖŞER, the founder of ASA. The second day of the event will be free of charge and only for our students. Our students who would like to attend the event and receive their diploma and/or certificate should send an e-mail to [email protected] for reservation.

Turkish version (Beta) of Sirius will be released! FEI COCHRANE will be there to help those who want to purchase Sirius software and give support on how to use it. Please bring your laptops with you.

The program, which has a sales price of 550 USD, will be on sale for 440 USD with a 20% discount for our school students. Within the scope of our event, there will also be a discount for non-student people and they will be able to buy it for 495 USD.

LEA IMSIRAGIC, ALEKSANDAR IMSIRAGIC and ÖNER DÖŞER will sign their new books at autograph session. The books of the guest astrologers and all of the books published by AstroArt School of Astrology Publishing will be found at our booth.

GAYE DÖŞER will introduce her organic cosmetic products under the brand Hocus Pocus. She will be there to give you details information about the products and some advices.

Detailed information on our Season Opening Event is below:



September 23 (Saturday)


EHSAN KHAZENI– 10:00 – 11:30

An Introduction to 28 Lunar Mansions

Persians and Arab divide the path of the moon by 28 parts and each part is known as a Manzil. Indians on the other hand, use 27 parts and call them Nakshatras. While the Nakshatras are an inseparable part of Vedic astrology, Lunar mansions are almost forgotten. In this workshop we get to know about these mansions, some information about each of them and various ways of using them. We will also read parts of a Hermetic manuscript of lunar mansions translated for the first time from Persian to English.

Fee: 775+VAT: 930TL (For ASA students 700TL+VAT: 840TL)

For registration: +90 532 2848979 / [email protected]

Coffee Break

FEI COCHRANE– 12:00 – 13:30

Breast Cancer AstroSignature

A very comprehensive research study on breast cancer has produced an exciting finding. A Breast Cancer AstroSignature that is based on Vibrational Astrology theory fits very well with a database of people with this form of cancer. Just as with the research presented at last year’s Vibrational Astrology conference on heart disease, we find that the application of Vibrational Astrology principles to groups of charts of people who have the same disease shows what they have in common. Also, exciting is that the findings suggest what preventative measures and treatments could be appropriate for different people.

Fee: 775+VAT: 930TL (For ASA students 700TL+VAT: 840TL)

For registration: +90 532 2848979 / [email protected]



The Fixed Star Codes

The fixed stars represent the true Pillars of Destiny of the soul. However, their number in the sky is huge and in order to discover which of all the stars is crucial for our destiny, we must know the special codes by which the stars are activated in our chart. All the stars are grouped into 88 constellations, and from there they carry their primary messages. Also, each star governs a certain planet or several of them, and through certain houses of the natal horoscope they are activated in the life of the person. In this workshop, we will get to know the codes on the basis of which we discover the influence of the stars with which we are connected.

Fee: 775+VAT: 930TL (For ASA students 700TL+VAT: 840TL)

For registration: +90 532 2848979 / [email protected]

Coffee Break

LEA IMSIRAGIC- 16:30 – 18:00

The Gold of the 8th House – discover Your Wild Energy

Allow me to walk you through the most scary and exciting journey, into your 8th house. You will learn to become one with your deepest fears and deepest power. The 8th is a house of merging and intimacy, in which everything that is small in you dies and transforms into your wild and true story. I will teach you how to transform your insecurities into your strengths. This mysterious house is the guardian of your gold energy.

Fee: 775+VAT: 930TL (For ASA students 700TL+VAT: 840TL)

For Registration: +90 532 2848979 / [email protected]

September 24 (Sunday)

Our event will be held free of charge and will only welcome ASA students. Our students who would like to attend the event on Sunday and receive their certificates and/or diplomas should send an e-mail to [email protected] for reservation.


Coffee Break

FEI COCHRANE– 13:00 – 13:45

Using the Treasure Maps feature that are in the Sirius program in your professional practice

There are 10 Treasure Maps within the Sirius program. Each treasure map focuses on certain areas of life. The most powerful areas are shaded in red, and less powerful areas are shaded in yellow. Treasure Maps allow you to provide the information that you or your customers really want to know about. When looking for a place to visit on your birthday for example, this is the best tool to use.


EHSAN KHAZENI– 13:45 – 14:30

Syzygy and birth time rectification

Syzygy Chart is the chart of Previous full moon or new moon before the birth. If the chart is after the full moon, Syzygy is the time of the full moon and if the chart is after the new moon, it is the new moon. Symbolically the new moon is the time father and mother meet and the full moon is the time of delivery, therefore, the syzygy chart can show the result of conception and delivery. In this workshop we talk about several aspects of the Syzygy chart and will discuss a Persian rectification method using syzygy.



How to heal challenging aspects in natal chart

No aspect is ever meant to be negative or “bad”. However, there is a need to understand the purpose and energy of all “challenging aspects” and based on that learn how to approach them. Once we learn that approach – we get the best of everyone of them, which is true excellence.


HANDE KAZANOVA– 16:15 – 16:45

2023 Autumn in terms of Financial Astrology

We expect important developments in 2023 autumn! What do September 14 and October 28 eclipses tell us? Shall we reach economic welfare then? What should we pay attention to during this period of time? In her presentation, Financial Astrology expert Hande Kazanova will interpret financial outlook for Türkiye’s autumn months under the light of astrological indicators.

Coffee Break

LEA IMSIRAGIC– 17:00 – 17:45

Energy Astrology- how to read your natal horoscope as energy map

Understanding the relationship between planets and energy centers on the physiological level allows you to clearly understand what drains and what build your energy. It shows you how to remove your subconscious blockages in the form of daily triggers or life patterns, allowing you to live your full vitality. You’ll learn about all of this with the unique system of Energy Astrology.


ÖNER DÖŞER– 17:45 – 18:30

Electional Astrology in the Ottoman – IHTIYARAT

“IHTIYÂRÂT”, also known as Electional Astrology, deals with finding the “auspicious” or the most appropriate time for the commencement of any undertaking. In his presentation, Öner Döşer will give information about the specifics of this art derived from Mecmuatü’l Ahkam (The Book of All Judgments) written by Sadullah Efendi, an Ottoman astrologer from the 19th century.  Döşer will also introduce and sign his book titled IHTIYÂRÂT which newly meets the readers.



ALEKSANDAR IMSIRAGIC is professional astrologer and founder of the Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. He is practicing astrology since 1988, teaches meditation, has written 18 astrological books, and has organized annual International Astrological Conferences in Belgrade since 2001. His work is based on a synthesis of Western and Eastern traditions of knowledge, and his special interests are in the fields of fixed stars, karmic astrology, and astro-healing.


EHSAN KHAZENI is an astrologer, software engineer and musician from Iran. He holds a BA degree in IT management. He developed Tashtar Astrology Software (2007) which is the first Persian astrology software, Bindu Astrology Software and Saptarishis Research Software. He is a pioneering researcher in the field of classical astrology and had lectured extensively in Iran and India. He has published several articles on astrology, Feng Shui, Persian history, literature and spirituality, as well as Vedic philosophy and mythology. He is the President of IIPA (International Institute of Predictive Astrology) in Iran and he was nominated as the chapter chairman of Iran in 25th International Astrology Seminar in Kolkata 2015.


FEI COCHRANE is the President of Cosmic Patterns Software, and The Avalon School of Astrology both located in Gainesville, FL USA. Fei has expertise in many areas, including business administration, computer technology, education, Vibrational Astrology, etc. Fei’s involvement in astrological organizations and in administering Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc., which is a very successful and thriving enterprise has enabled her to gain this expertise. She is also one of the members of the Vibrational Astrology Research Team. Fei is one of the leading VA researchers in Medical Astrology.


HANDE KAZANOVA is a graduate of Istanbul University Department of Economics. She started studying astrology in The School of Wisdom of Sky between 2001 and 2003. Then, she completed her education on advanced level Traditional Astrology at the AstroArt School of Astrology and received her diploma. She has been writing the astrology column of a Turkish newspaper Haberturk and also its online version since March 2009. She has been successful in the exam carried by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and received her title ISAR CAP. She is also a member of OPA (The Organization of Professional Astrology).


LEA IMSIRAGIC Dr. Lea Imsiragic is an M.Sci in magneto biology in the medical faculty. She is an ISAR CAP, and consulting skills trainer. She combines knowledge from different fields with astrology. As an astrologer, Lea specializes in business astrology and Astro-medicine, and she is researching in the field of Astro-healing. She combines all her expertise (graduated in acupuncture, Energy Psychology, flower essences therapy) with Astrology in order to create the astrological system for diagnosis and healing “Energy Astrology”. Lea is a teacher at the Johannes Kepler Institute in Belgrade, and author of six astrology books.


ÖNER DÖŞER is professional astrologer, author and lecturer. He wrote 21 books and 14 of them have been translated into English, Chinese and Serbian. His articles have been published in many prestigious astrological journals. He has been organizing annual International Astrology Days event and inviting well-known astrologers from different countries.  Having lectured over 4000 students, he took some important steps as of 2016 and AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA) has been added to the approved school lists of APAI and ISAR.  Öner Döşer is also a member of APAI and ISAR. He also lectures periodically Kepler College.