The twelfth International Astrology Days, organized annually by Astroart Astrology School, is taking place this year! Our main theme this year is “Opening New Horizons”. As every year, we will be together with valuable astrologers who have made a name for themselves in the international arena.
The 12th International Astrology Days will take place online on the Zoom platform between 23 and 24 March.

The presentations of our foreign guest speakers at our event will be translated consecutively. The presentations of all speakers are designed to appeal to participants with all levels of astrology knowledge, as well as to be easily followed by astrology enthusiasts with no astrology knowledge.

Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap
OPA Türkiye Representative
APAI member

Our guest speakers

Cecily Han – Taiwan
Wade Caves – US
Margaret Gray- Ireland
Asdrubal Moreno Fereda- Chile
Filip Filipov – Bulgaria
Lynn Bel – France
Aswin Balaji Subramanyan- India
Wendy Stacey – UK

Moderator and speaker

Öner Döşer- Türkiye

Event Program

Saturday, March 23

10:30-11:30- Öner Döşer

Topic: Prediction of Natural Disasters with Heliocentric Astrology

We are going through a solar maximum period where solar activities will increase greatly. During such periods, there is also an increase in natural disasters. Heliocentric Astrology seems to be very effective in predicting the times when the Sun will be more active, its reflections on Earth events and when effective earthquakes and volcano activities will occur. Successful predictions can enable us to prepare and take precautions in advance. Thus, we can avoid its negative effects and reduce the damage. In this speech, Öner Döşer, author of the book Heliocentric Astrology, will focus on some important natural disaster charts and also will share the dates he sees as risky for 2024 with the participants.

12:00-13:00- Cecily Han

Topic: Discovery of overcoming

A traditional aspect technique that is rarely mentioned in modern times: overcoming or dominates or decimation, has been mentioned by many ancient astrology authorities. When two planets are in a square aspect, the planet on the right will overcome the planet on the left. Even the planet on right dominates the left one over the matters he represents, but not deprives the left one’s abilities .However, even the interpretation of overcoming focus on the explanation of planets with square aspect. After further observation and research, I discovered the concept of overcoming might be related to the houses of two planets are in. I would like to present my discovery of overcoming in this webinar.

14:00-15:00- Wade Caves

Topic: The Heart of Consultation

This lecture is a no-nonsense, full-on practicum demonstrating a reliable method for integrating consultation charts with nativities into a cohesive consultation. We’ll cover why this style of integration works, what it tells us about the nature of consultation, and review some histories of innovation on this technique. At the end of this presentation, you will have the necessary knowledge to implement this technique, and work with a new layer of meaning in your readings.

15:30-16:30- Margaret Gray

Topic: Opening To New Horizons, With The Help of The Uranus Cycle

With Pluto moving into Aquarius, it’s an ideal time to explore the nature of the Uranus cycle. How can this unconventional and innovative energy, help us make the most of the new horizons that are opening up individually, and in relationships? Join me in exploring the core themes of this cycle in our personal development and our relationships, particularly with the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction!

17:00- 18:00- Asdrúbal Moreno Fereda

Topic: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and The Transpersonal Polarities.

In this talk, we will learn how the forces of the transpersonal planets manifest in certain positions in the natal chart, their effects, challenges, opportunities and how to work with them.

Sunday, March 24

10:30-11:30- Filip Filipov

Topic: Successful Prediction of Earthquakes And How to Reduce The Risk in The Future?

In this presentation Filip Filipov will show his results in successfully predicting Serious Earthquakes through Astrology and a method how to reduce the personal risk of such destructive phenomena. Filipov has successfully predicted the devastating earthquakes in Turkey in February 2023 and many other major earthquakes in Turkey and countries around the world.

12:00-13:00- Lynn Bell

Topic: Magicians and Promises: Jupiter in Gemini And the Jupiter Saturn Square

At the end of May, Jupiter will enter Gemini, sign of its detriment, splitting energy along multiple pathways. Then in August, Jupiter squares Saturn for the first time, also in a mutable sign, Squares between Gemini and Pisces test the relationship between different forms of knowing, and cast doubt on our certainties. This is a key moment in the Jupiter Saturn cycle that began in December 2020, currently activated by Pluto’s presence early Aquarius. Jupiter square Saturn brings a cosmic dialogue between growth and restriction that takes place in many different realms. What will emerge from from the two squares in mutable signs followed by a third in Cardinal signs in 2025?

14:00-15:00- Aswin Subramanyan

Topic: The Kings and The Cosmos: Unraveling The State Of The Throne!

The nation’s trajectory is dependent on the condition of its leader. This talk will delve into the technique of analysing the king’s condition using a mundane chart, be it ingress or conjunction.

15:30-16:30- Wendy Stacey

Topic: Subject: Jupiter Uranus Conjunction. Turning Insight İnto Forecasting

Jupiter and Uranus will conjunct at 21 Taurus on April 2024. When these planets (the instigators) combine we often see great advances and discoveries. In Taurus, we can expect this to happen in the areas of finance and economy, regions and land boundaries, design and craftsmanship, the physical body and our senses, to name just a few… We will see what we can learn in this talk. To understand what may emerge from this exciting conjunction, we need to learn from the past.

Detailed information and registration: 0 532 284 89 79 / [email protected]

Two-day conference fee:

1200 TL + VAT = 1440 TL
1000 TL + VAT = 1200 TL for AstroArt Astrology School Students

About Speakers

Öner Döşer is an astrology instructor, researcher, publisher and author. So far, he has authored 40 books, individually or colloborated, 14 of which have been translated into English, Chinese and Serbian. Öner is the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology, School of Astrology Publications and Astrology Television. Since 2012, he has been organizing annual event in Turkey, International Astrology Days, with the participation of world-renowned astrologers. He was a speaker at major international astrology organizations. So far he has trained more than 5000 students, some of them became teachers and writers in astrological community. You can find more information https://www.onerdoser.com/en/




Cecily Han, Mandarin dili konuşan topluluğa geleneksel astroloji kursları ve kitapları sunan önde gelen Tayvan’da kurulan Skygaze Geleneksel Astroloji Akademisi’nin (SATA) kurucusudur. 2010’dan bu yana iki astroloji kitabı yazdı; bunlardan bir tanesi Çince yazılmış ilk horary kitabıydı. Cecily, Amerikalı astrolog Dr. Benjamin Dykes’in Günümüz İçin Geleneksel Astroloji kitabının çevirmenidir. SATA, 2017’den bu yana 8 kitap yayınladı; bunlar arasında Öner Döşer’in Astrolojik Öngörü (AStrological Prediction) kitabı da yer almaktadır.





Wade Caves, based in Brooklyn, NY, is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in horary, electional, and classical astrological technique. He teaches horary and astronomy at the School of Traditional Astrology, publishes his work on world astrology at Skyscript’s In Mundo publishing desk, and hosts the World Astrology Summit, a conference dedicated to the advancement of mundane technique for diverse audiences. He is the editor and annotator of the 300th anniversary edition of William Lilly’s History of His Life and Times (Rubedo Press, 2015). Website: wadecaves.com • skyscript.co.uk/inmundo. Email: [email protected].





Margaret Gray is M.S.W., B.A. Counseling and Psychotherapy, Diploma in Psychological Astrology (CPA). Margaret has been consulting and training as an astrologer for over 30 years. She currently lives in her hometown of Dublin, but part of her heart remains in Hawaii! She gives birth chart readings to international clients as well as presenting at conferences around the world. Margaret’s work is based on a Jungian psychological approach. Passionate about Relationship Astrology and co-founder of “Relationship Astrology” which offers certificate courses and webinars in Relationship Astrology, Margaret also founded and runs Irish Astrology. She is a practicing psychotherapist and works extensively with couples.



Asdrubal Moreno Fereda is Vice Principal and Professor at the Astrological Center of Chile, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Advanced Senior Ontological Coach, Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) with ISAR, Director of the ISAR Affiliated School Program, proficient tarot reader and professor.







Filip Filipov is an astrologer, a physicist with a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Consciousness, who has become known for his accurate global prognoses for a number of events around the world, made on the national TV broadcast and his Facebook personal account – fb.com/filipfilipov.astrolog , and he is the creator of innovative 3D astrological software – Astramen.com. In 2019 he sterted the organisation of European Astrology Conferences and anonce the the physical theory of Astrology, overcoming Popper’s philosophical argument against Astrology. In 2023 together with his colleagues from five other world Astrological schools was created the Astology University on address: https://astrology-university.com




Lynn Bell has been a consulting astrologer for over four decades, looking deeply into the enfolding cosmos, and the way it emerges in the lives of each person she works with. Lynn is particularly interested in. the archetypal images that impact the soul and illuminate the psychological and spiritual growth of individuals, Lynn lives in Paris, France was a long time tutor for the now near-mythic Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, She now teaches online for Astrology University and MISPA, and has spoken at conferences and schools all over the world. Among her many passionate adventures in astrology are mindane cycles, the exploration of family inheritance, and the craft of Solar Returns. (Planetary Threads IBIS Press, and Cycles of Light Raven Wings Press). IN 2016 Lynn was awarded the Charles Harvey award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. She has also taught for Caroline Myss’s CMED Intstitute, and the Chartres Wisdom School, and more recently for myss.com. She can be reached at www.lynnbellastrology.com


Aswin Balaji Subramanyan, an astrologer from India with a foundation in Jyotiṣa, developed a keen interest in Hellenistic and Medieval astrological traditions. Today, his practice and research are a blend of all three forms of traditional astrology. He is the author of the book, “Firdaria: Periods of Life” and the co-author of “Astrology by Moonlight”. To know more about his work, visit: www.theabverdict.com






Wendy Stacey (BA, MA, Dip LSA) is the principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology, tutor for the London School of Astrology and Chair of the Astrological Association. She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal and is the author of Consulting With Astrology: A Quick Guide to Building Your Practice and Profile (2012), Uranus Square Pluto: New Perspectives on the Current Planetary Line Up in Mundane Astrology (2012), Covid-19 through the Microscopic Lens of Astrology (2020) and contributed to The New Generation (2012), The Professional Astrologer (2016), Bitcoin (2018). Her book on Unaspected Planets is due for release 2020 In 2014 Wendy was the recipient of the UK’s Charles Harvey award for “Exceptional Service to Astrology”.
web: www.wendystacey.com