ISAR CAP Trainings

 Upcoming ISAR CAP Trainings

·         CAP Certification in Turkey

Consultation and Ethics Training (School’s classroom)

September 30, 2016, Friday               19:00 – 21:00

October 1, 2016, Saturday                 10:00 – 18:00

October 2, 2016, Sunday                   10:00 – 18:00   

Exam (Mercure Hotel)         

November 6, 2016, Sunday                10:00-16:00

ISAR Competency Exam on Ethics Awareness and Consulting Skills

Being one of ISAR Affiliated Schools, our school – AstroArt Astrology School – will be organising Consulting Skills course and Ethics Awareness course in autumn which will be given by the representatives of ISAR as well as the certification exams. We will be glad to see Hakan Kirkoglu as the ISAR Turkey representative with us during those courses and exams. For more information on ISAR please visit the link below.

Consulting Skills and Ethics Awareness courses:The courses will start on September 30th Friday evening and will continue through October 1st and 2nd, on Saturday and Sunday. The face to face training will be held in the classroom of our school and will be consecutively translated into Turkish. Those courses are crucial and obligatory for the ISAR certification process. The participants do not have to be a graduate of any astrology school. The courses are open to public.

ISAR Competency Exam:The competency exam, which will be carried out in November 2016, will be in Turkish as a combination of a multiple choice questions and short answer questions. ISAR Competency Exam is open to public. However, to get a ISAR certificate after the exam, the participants must have completed one of the comprehensive and competent training programs approved by ISAR. For information on ISAR affiliated schools, which also includes our school, please visit the link below.

The exam will last about six hours. There will be three parts of the exam. The first part is the part of the multiple choice question. The second part is the part for quick and short explanations, there are forty questions in this one. The third parts questions are from the techniques, such as Solar Return, Sinastry and Secondary Progress. The third part will wait short chart judgments by using these techniques. The questions will be translated into Turkish and the answers of yours will be translated into English. You will need to achive %70 grade for the certificate.

Fees:  Consultation Skills Training 350 $, Ethics Training 95 $, Competency Exam 195 $. The fee can be paid in four installments by credit cart. The payments will be made on ISAR Web Page. For the payment please click

To participate in courses and the exam or to get more detailed information, please contact us.

Call: +90 216 386 73 96 / +90 532 284 89 79


Mail to: [email protected]