International Astrology Days

International Astrology Days

Each year when Sun re-enters  in sign Aries on the 21st of March, it marks the Spring Equinox and we praise the day as the begining of new astrological year. Since 1993, 21st of March has been dedicated as “International Astrology Day” hence celebrated all over the world by various astrology organisations.

As AstroArt Astrology School we mark the Day with its special meaning peculiar to the year 2012 and organised our traditional celebrations spread over the week. Our precious friends and collegues from Europe and USA will be joning us for the ocassion. Between 22nd and 25th of March Roy GILLETT, Deborah HOULDING, Benjamin DYKES and Öner DÖŞER will be holding work-shops and seminars providing insights on various astrological subjects.

Celebration activities will start on 21st of  March at CKM in Salon A at 13:30. Hande KAZANOVA, Barış ÖZKIRIŞ, Binnur ZAİMLER, Yeşne İREN, Kubilay AKTAŞ, Öner DÖŞER and Ata NİRUN will give specific speeches on different aspects of astrology. In the afternoon session an astrology competition will be held between our classes presented by Hande KAZANOVA and Barış ÖZKIRIŞ.

Our celebration activities will be finalised with a Ball Dinner at Moda Deniz Klubu, a highly reputable fellows club situated at Fenerbahce Bay.

We hereby like to invite you all who shall be interested in astrology to share our joy and wisdom to the celebrations of the Astrology Day and to embrace the new coming astrological year.

AstroArt Astrology School



21 March 2012 Wednesday, Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi (CKM)


Information on astrological charts will be given to the public by our former graduates Rezzan TERZİ, Ufuk ŞENSES, Emel BAŞTANOĞLU, Hande BAYBALI, Zeynel EROĞLU and Beril GÜLGENER at the open public area in front of the school stand.

Stand Organiser: Esin COŞKUNIRMAK

13:30-16:20 Astrology Talks

Hande KAZANOVA, Barış ÖZKIRIŞ, Binnur ZAİMLER, Yeşne İREN, Kubilay AKTAŞ, Öner DÖŞER and Ata NİRUN will give speeches on various topics at Saloon A.

13:30-13:50 Hande KAZANOVA: Astrology in Everyday Life

13:50-14:10 Barış ÖZKIRIŞ: Astrology and Psychology

14:10-14:30 Binnur ZAİMLER: Astrology in Business Life


14:50-15:10 Yeşne İREN: Esoteric Origin of Astrology

15:10-15:30 Kubilay AKTAŞ: Muhyiddin-i Arabi and Astrology

15:30-15:50 Öner DÖŞER: 2012 Aries Ingress Chart and What to Expect in Near Future

15:50-16:20 Ata NİRUN: Development of Astrology in Turkey


16:45-17:45 Astrology Competition Between Classrooms

Hande KAZANOVA and Barış ÖZKIRIŞ will be conducting our ever first astrology competition which will be between 3 groups of 12 students at total.  

17:45-18:00 Day Celebration Cake

We will hand out the Winner’s Award while having our Celebration Cake to finalise the day.

Responsible Person: Didem DÖŞER


22 March 2012 Thursday, at the School Premises

10:30-12:30 Astrology, Karma and Reencarnation- Roy GILLETT

Natal charts also provide insight on karma. Progressions and transits can be viewed as opportunities on personal development and transformation. Roy will share his view on the subject by providing some charts for those who made a good use of this opportunity together with who could not.

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-15:00 Radical Changes in the World between 2012-2015

and Difficult Choices for Turkey- Roy GILLETT

Roy will talk about the world economy and the major power shift that has taken place between the players with special focus on EU and Euro, the relationship between West and Islamic world and its ramifications on Turkey. 

15:00-15:30 Cofee Break

15:30-17:00 Radical Changes in the World between 2012-2015, Near Future ofTurkey, Öner DÖŞER

Öner will summarise the possible expectations on global change that is to take place between 2012-2015 and analyse the situation in terms of economic and politic expectation with a focus on the near future of Turkey.


23 Mach 2012 Friday, at the School Premises

10:30-12:30 Solar Fire Tutorial for Beginners, Roy GILLETT

Tutorial Content

How to Draw up a Chart Using Solar Fire

Calculate Progress, Return, Composite and Ingres Charts

Saving and Calling up Chart Data

Functions Provided by the Software and How to Apply them

Practical Clues and Short Cuts


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-17:30 Solar Fire Tutorial for Advance Users I,  Roy GILLETT

Tutorial Content

         Aswering Questions on Natal Chart Calculations

         Demonstration on Practical Usage of the Sofware

         Demonstration on Synastry and Composite Charts

15:00-15:30 Cofee Break

15:30-17:30 Solar Fire Tutorial for Advance Users II, Roy GILLETT

Tutorial Content

Using Predictive Techniques on Solar Fire

Drawing up Transits and Progress Lists and How to Interpret them

How to Use Graphic Ephemeris for Natal Charts, Progress and Transits

How to List up Data for Long Term Predictios


Buying Solar Fire v8’i

Total cost of software is 219£.

For those who have version 7.3 of the sofware the cost is 29£.

For those who have version 7 of the sofware the cost is 59£.

For those who have version 6 of the sofware the cost is 99£.

Costs indicated above are for intenet downloads. For CD copy an extra 15£ is charged.

For users %10 discount is applied.

For students of AstroArt Astrology School plus an extra %15 discount is applied.


24 March 2012 Saturday, at School Premises

10:30-12:30 Hints on Solar Return Charts, Öner DÖŞER

Öner will focus on most important issues at Solar return charts. Participants will be given their solar return charts and learn how to compare it in relation to their birth charts. Return charts are drawn up by pinpointing transit Sun’s position to its natal degree. i.e on our birthday. Unlike Sun, other planets most likely to be at different degrees than their natal position. Solar return charts provide insight for the year ahead.

Partipants are kindly reminded to provide personal birth data prior to seminar to the school admin.

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-15:00 Traditional Directions, Benjamin DYKES

Ben will show us how to use term rulers for progressions. This ancient technique is one of the valuable methods still widely used amongst astrologs who apply classical astrology techniques. He will also show how one can apply the technique to natal and solar return charts.

15:00-15:30 Cofee Break

13:30-17:30 Profection, Transits and Solar Return Charts, Benjamin DYKES

Ben will demonstrate how to use progression by term rulers in accordance to transits, solar return charts and profections in terms of life expectancy. Transits mark important trends in life especially when trigerred by a personal speedy planet like Moon or Mercury. Solar return charts provide insight for the year ahead and profections may be the most important and trustwordy technique for annual, montly and even daily predictions.


25 March 2012 Sunday, School Premises

10:30-12:30 Hints on Horary Charts, Öner DÖŞER

Öner will point out the hints that one should take into account when delineating horary charts especially those related to carrier and relationships. Horary charts specificaly deals with questions asked on the spur of the moment hence it differs from natal charts in delineation. However, Öner will share his experimental findings that on practical use some rules from natal chart reading can also be applied to horary readings.

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break with School’s Traditional Ottoman Rice Giving

School’s traditional Ottoman Rice Giving; prepared by one of the dearest graduates Dr. Sena BÜYÜKÇOPUR.  

13:30-15:00 Electional Astrology: How to Get It Right I,


Deb will held a work-shop explaining how to pick the astrological right time for actions in life. She will also explain the philosophy that lays behind choosing the right time while giving source data. Compared to natal charts electional astrology may look far more complicated. However, with her outstanding ability Deb will provide clear and easy to follow guidelines for elections making it all simple to apply for us.

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-17:30 Electional Astrology: Choosing the Best Time II,


We will learn how to apply electional astrology in practise. Techniques learnt will provide a handy tool for picking up the best time in all aspects of life from marriage to carrier choices. Deb will show how to use your knowledge on election in terms of horary, sinastry and natal chart delineation. In general, electional astrology helps us to be at the right place, at the right time with the right people and right type of involvement. Moreover, electional charts can provide insight on the strength and weaknesses of our life plans and intentions. Any level of astrology students can attend to the work-shop. Hand-outs will be provided.

20:00-24:00 Ball Dinner (Moda Sea Club)

We acknowledge 2012 as year of enlightment and believe it will cast its potential for those who persue it. Hence, to honour the occasion we organise a Ball Dinner to celebrate this special potency at Moda Sea Club. For those who wish to join us at dinner please note there is dress code at the Club. Surprises will be waiting for you while rolling in the elegance of the night.



Work-shops and Seminars

Thursday and Friday only    250 TL.

Saturday and Sunday only   325 TL.

Whole week attendancy      460 TL.

Ball Dinner                          65 TL./person

Fees include coffee/tea and snacks, Ottoman Rice Giving.


For reservation please contact:     Didem DÖŞER,   [email protected]   

        0216 386 73 96 – 0216 358 12 23               0535 665 44 56 – 0532 284 89 79 

For Payment:          ASTROART LTD. ŞTİ.

Garanti Bankası Göztepe Şubesi (şube no 299)

Hesap No: 6298861, İban No: TR34 0006 2000 2990 0006 2988 61









Roy Gillett

Roy Gillett B.Ed (Hons. London): After twenty years in business and school teaching, Roy has spent nearly forty as an astrologer and Buddhist. President of Britain's The Astrological Association and a regular presenter at international conferences, he writes The Astrological Journal's mundane astrology column. His books: Astrology and Compassion: The Convenient Truth outlines a vital 21st-century role for astrology;Economy, Ecology and Kindness (2009) shows that 1984-2024 astro-cycles urge post-growth-based economic structure.

[email protected]




Deborah Houlding

Deborah Houlding, author of The Houses: Temples of the Sky, has 25 years experience in researching the symbolic basis of astrology. Instrumental in restoring traditional techniques to modern practice, she was editor of the Traditional Astrologer Magazine, founder of Ascella Publications, and now runs the astrology website Deborah specializes in horary and electional astrology and is Principal of the STA School of Traditional Horary Astrology. In 2010 she received the AA's Charles Harvey Award for "exceptional service to astrology."

[email protected]


Benjamin Dykes

Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a leading medieval astrologer and translator, who gained his PhD in philosophy from Illinois. He received his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller, and taught philosophy at universities in Illinois and Minnesota. He translated and published Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy, the Works of Sahl & Masha’allah, and Persian Nativities I-III. He will release further volumes of essential traditional astrology translations of horary works. He offers the Logos & Light Lectures, philosophy courses on MP3.


[email protected]



Öner Döşer

Öner DÖŞER is a leading medieval astrologer who earned his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller. Oner founded the AstroArt Astrology School in Turkey in March 2005 and has been one of the leading lecturers there. His eight books were already published. His first book, “Astrology of the Sage,” is on the Medieval Astrology, its history and the techniques. The last two books were on the issues 2012 that are “Time of Transformation” and “Great Awakening” and has also been giving seminars on year 2012 issues and its comparative historical analysis with an astrology perspective. His articles are published in Astrological Journal and The Wise Magazine.

[email protected]