Reaching Wholeness via Astrology

I am the Moon; I reflect the light of the Sun. I shed light on dark nights. I shower hearts with love, and I am the inspiration for the songs… I am the Moon; I exist by the Earth, and I am meaningless without her. I am the Moon; I am a Soul looking for his own Shams. To find Shams, I wear my coat each new moon, and when I see the Sun before me, I slowly take off my coat of the Earth and begin whirling with my white gown as a full moon.
The Earth is my eternal lover, but I do not show my face to her all the time. Those on Earth become lunatics because of my existence; sometimes they are lovers, and sometimes they are crazy. Some of them lose their minds and begin howling, some of them suffer with grief, and some of them admire my beauty. I control every mood on Earth, reflecting the LOVE coming from the Sun.
Mother Earth is glad to have a lover at her disposal. I make my lover’s head spin with love and organize her mood by balancing her life cycles. You already know: The Sun and the Moon [move] by precise calculation.*

*The Holy Quran (55:5)

I have tried to draw a picture for you by whispering a short story about the love between the Moon and the Earth and their source of inspiration, the Sun.

The love between the Earth and Moon is not that significant in geocentric astrology, but when you look at the system from the Sun, you realize how these two lovers are one. The Moon holds the Earth’s hand compassionately so she doesn’t become dizzy from the Sun’s light.

In astrology, the Earth is always at the center. We say, “We live on Earth, and we are observers watching life from this point of view, so astrology gives us information about worldly life.” Being at the center of all existence also grooms our egos, doesn’t it? See, everything turns around us, and we even have a lover at our disposal. In reality, we know this is not the actual system, but this is how the astrological language defines it. Some people refer to this as the circle of fate. Our fate is written within this circle, and we somehow determine our own destiny with the help of our free will, or so the story goes. As was said in a song, “You are either in or out of the circle.” Sometimes you cannot escape it, or it is only an illusion.

The lyrics continue, “What if you are in that circle, but your mind is out of it.” Yes, your mind may escape the circle if you are not satisfied with the boundaries of the planets and if you want to go beyond your limits. You hope to see through a wider frame and be a part of the bigger picture. To do this, we need to look at the system from the Sun.

Our role, duty, and perception on Earth are described in geocentric astrology. It gives us a picture of how we reflect ourselves, beginning with our first breath. Our natal chart is composed of houses, so we reflect some sign characteristics combined with planetary energies on specific houses. Yes, under these circumstances, everything is written, but the planets do not stand still—they constantly move and bring new influences to specific areas of our lives. We need to be aware of these influences and reflect our free will onto our charts. Moreover, time is just a concept that belongs to the Earth, determined by the Moon, which tours around us, and the Sun, which we tour around. The main reason for learning astrology is to become the best we can by combining our innate potentials with our free will in a way that’s compatible with the flow of time.

In heliocentric astrology, we derive information on a spiritual level rather than the material level on Earth. If you are a Scorpio according to geocentric astrology, the Earth is positioned in Taurus at the time you were born according to heliocentric astrology. The spirit, which carries the characteristics of Taurus, reflects itself as a Scorpio on the material level, so people always express themselves through duality. If we manage to smooth the extreme aspects of these two signs, we can balance materialism with spiritualism. Being on Earth simply means existing in a realm of contrasts, and to reach balance we need to see the white in the black and the black in the white.

While there are houses, some points, and aspects in our natal charts, when we look at the Earth from the viewpoint of our essence, we see how everything is one and undivided. All spirits see their essences without the help of a mirror. When the Moon is lost or hidden behind the Earth in a heliocentric view, the Earth has a magnificent new lover: She is directly in touch with the Sun. Here, the Sun is the spirit, and it is undivided. It is the reason for existence. It answers the question, “What kind of cosmic seed am I?” If we aim to go beyond our charts and reach our Sun, we should learn to see ourselves on both the material and the spiritual planes. We should understand both geocentric and heliocentric astrology to see our place in this splendid picture.

Because time, and all the cycles of life, are designed by the Sun and Moon, there are no directions under the heliocentric view. There is no day, night, east, or west. Everything takes place at the same moment and at the same place. Everything is one and whole. Reaching the Sun means climbing the steps of evolution and finding salvation from our vicious cycles.

So, modern astrology should consider both geocentric and heliocentric views and make a cocktail of these two. Life is not only about existing physically on Earth—it is an entirely spiritual journey, and this journey continues both on the ground and in the sky. We should step on the ground firmly while keeping our head and eyes in the celestial skies.

Modern astrology carries some responsibilities at this point. It should cease being known as a form of prophecy, purifying itself from questions like “When will I get married?” and “Will I meet someone new?” It should emphasize that astrology does not tell fortunes and that the future may take form and change instantly based on the common intent of the Creator and ourselves. This should be the main responsibility for all astrologers, especially those with many followers in the social media.

Astrology deserves the responsibility “to guide people on their spiritual journeys.” All the souls on Earth can then remember how they are one and whole, and they may experience reaching wholeness with the help of this collective consciousness.

Like whirling dervishes or angels, may all souls reach their Shams…