Solar Activities and Us – Part One

The source of life on our Earth is the Sun, which is the center of our Solar System. If the sun did not exist, we would not survive. This is a scientific fact. As a result, any change in the sun carries a vital importance for the human and all the living things. Throughout the history many civilizations like Egypt, Hopi, ancient India, Maya, Aztec and China believed that the collective attitudes were affected by the sun. According to the ancients, the sun stands for everything and represents the whole life. Sun could also take the life as well as it gives. The ancients knew what an angry sun could do.

As the symbolic language of the universe Astrology also regards the Sub as the giver and the source of the life. It undertakes a great role for all of the living things on earth. It brings order into chaos and shows us where the life energy we need is focused. The Sun means the life or “I am”. As the source of light and heat the Sun puts an end to the darkness and everything looks clear under its light. In the astrological hierarchy, the Sun is accepted as the greatest ruler of the sky. It represents the ultimate and the highest authority. The Sun is so strong that, we cannot directly look at it without any protection. If we do not protect ourselves from its rays, we got burnt. The Sun is the giver of life but also it can damage the life. If a planet gets near to the Sun, it is called combust. Symbolizing the light, consciousness and enlightenment, it is related with conscious attitudes, creativity and the feeling of having an aim.

As the source of the life on earth, the Sun is a huge electromagnetic spreader and it emits light, heat, UV radiation and electrical particles to the planets within our Solar System. In addition to emitting light and heat, it also transmits electricity loaded ion gases to the earth and to the space. This is called Solar Wind. Based on the density and the speed the magnetic plasma, Solar Winds strike the magnetosphere of the earth with a strong power and directly affect the magnetic fields of the life forms. Sometimes at the moment of such magnetic polarity a huge energy is released and causes some great geophysical events, affects human DNA and also causes some evolutionary changes.

The information we know about the outer layer of the sun is increasing day-by-day, thanks to the modern telescopes and computers. It has been confirmed that the changes in the magnetic field of the sun affect the magnetic field of the earth. According to the reports of Dr. Mike Lockwood from the National Rutherford Appleton laboratories in California, the magnetic field of the Sun strengthened in the amount of 230% since 1901. The scientists hardly understand what this means for us.

In the near past, depending on their observations about the sun, Russian and European physicians disclosed that there will be a huge magnetic field change on earth due to the changes in the sun. The scientists foresee that the magnetic storms in the sun will get so strong that the earth will be affected and by the end of 2011 sun spots will be more active. It is also assumed that the active solar activities will expose the earth to high radiation; will speed the global climate change; will cause heavy changes in heat, drought, floods, hurricanes and tornados; will trigger volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and will cause sudden changes in the magnetic field.

Sun Spots

The scientists closely observe what is going on with the sun. The most interesting thing on the sun is the solar spots. The reason of the sun spots within the solar cycle is an indicator of sudden changes on the surface of the sun. The sun spots occur due to the strong magnetic fields on the sun’s surface.

The solar spots are seen on the sun’s surface with 11.1 year periods. These spots are the symptoms of the electromagnetic activity in the depths of the sun. Looking like black areas on the sun, these are the magnetic fields condensed on the surface. In fact, the sun spots are relatively cool parts of the sun’s surface. They decrease the heat of where they are and that’s why they look darker when compared with their surroundings. The rest of the sun is hot and bright. The spots appear when strong magnetic fields occur on the sun’s surface. The increase in the number of the spots means the increase in the power of the magnetic field. The strong explosions and the storms in the sun are observed as sun spots from the earth. When the sun spots reach the maximum level, statistics show that the volcanic and seismic activities increase also. The magnetism that is spread from the sun damage the satellites, space stations, wireless communication networks and telephone lines.

The astronomers have been counting the sun spots since Galileo’s time. In each 10-11 years, the number of sun spots chance 0-200 in average. Not the sun spots but the solar winds affect the earth. During the increasing solar activities, solar winds blow a great number of particles (electrons and protons), ultraviolet rays and X-rays. If the earth did not have a magnetic field, these would destroy us. Thanks God, the magnetosphere of the earth responds to them quickly and filters these.

The astronomers and physicists claim that there is a relationship between the number of sun spots and the solar activities. When the solar activities increase or decrease, the number of sun spots also increase or decrease respectively. Some scientists also claim that sun spots are related with climate changes also. When the number of sun spots decrease, the temperature decreases, rains increase; and the reverse is true when the number of sun spots increase. The increase in the number of sun spots also causes the radio waves, magnetic storms and northern lights (aurora borealis). According to some researches and to me as well, the important thing is not sunspot count, but intensity!

Solar Maximum

Solar activities occur in 11 years cycles and each cycle is defined with a number. 23rd cycle has ended and as of the beginning 24th cycle began. Periodically, in the beginning of each cycle the sun spots occur near to the poles of the sun than they become more apparent and reach the equator. When the speed of the cycle decreases, sun spots occur near to the poles again. Sun’s giving birth to sun spots looks like a baby’s coming out of the womb. New sun spots born due to the strong magnetic fields of the sun are seen at the south and the north of the sun’s equator and this indicates that a new cycle has begun. According to the scientists, 24th solar cycle began on January 4th, 2008. After that day, the polarity of the sun spots changed. The sun spots reach the maximum number 3-5 years after the cycle’s beginning. So, the maximum point of the 24th solar cycle meets the years 2011-2013.

The solar activities recorded in the 23rd solar cycle were the strongest of the last 400 years’ cycles. The scientists claim that the magnetic field of the sun changed and especially since 2003 some irregularities were seen in the sun. In 2005 during the solar maximum of the 23rd solar cycle, USA was faced with horrible hurricanes. Now, the scientists agree that when the solar activity in the 24th solar cycle will make a peak, more devastating events will occur.

Especially during the solar maximum periods, we see that the explosion sin the sun increase. It is now well known that the solar activity increases during the solar maximum.

After the discovery of 11-years solar cycles approximately 200 centuries ago, the scientists sometimes had difficulties and even failed in assuming the solar maximums of the future. For example, the number of maximum sun spots foreseen for 2002 was 150 however on February 1st, 2002, this number already reached 256 and in the following two weeks many volcanic activities have been observed. In 2005 when we were in the solar minimum period, no one predicted such intense solar activity. However, the solar wind that occurred on January 20th, 2005 was the biggest that was seen in the solar maximum period, October 2005. During 2005, the solar winds continued. In September, only within one week the greatest storms were seen that was never recorded before. Under these circumstances, we need some different methods for foreseeing the solar activities. According to some scientists, what affect the gravitational field of the sun’s surface are the planets. I also believe in that and making intense investigations on the subject. Although the gravitational effects of the planets are smaller than the sun’s, the change in the planetary field vector triggers the occurrence of solar flames. Thus, by observing the positions of the planets we can foresee the solar flames before. We can see the planetary alignments on the heliocentric maps. With a heliocentric view, we may see the affects of the planets on the sun and we may predict the natural disasters, wars and other events which are the reflections of solar activities.

Latest News for Sunspot

There was a recent meeting of the American Astronomical Society about sunspot cycles and solar dynamics in Mexico (June 14). In the meeting, some solar scientists announced that their measurements seem to suggest a significant change in the number of sunspots. It was announced that our sun is preparing to be less active in the coming years. The results of three separate studies seem to show that even as the current sunspot cycle swells toward the solar maximum, the sun could be heading into a more-dormant period, with activity during the next 11-year sunspot cycle greatly reduced or even eliminated.

In recent radio talk, investigator Mitch Battros, who is the author of his bestseller book “Solar Rain” gave news about this meeting and summerises his predictions about sunspot cycle 24. According to Battros, Cycle 24 is a much smaller cycle than the cycle 23, but this does not mean that it cannot present any surprise and will be more powerfull than anyone had predicted before. Smaller solar events like C and M class flares will have the ability to cause as much damage as X class flares of other cycles. This maybe surprising to many people, because in Cycle 23 there were 400 to 500 sunspot regions and in 2003- November we lived one of the largest solar flares, we had an X-45 class of solar flare. Also some scientists in the solar cycle prediction panel stated that the 24th cycle would be about 50% stronger than the last cycle.

The maximum of cycle 24 was predicted to happen in 2012, but now, with newer instruments we have a better understanding of solar dynamics and it is predicted that the maximum maybe reached a bit later, probably in 2013. Many people interested in solar dynamics are watching for X-class flares or a large CME, but now it was understood that in this cycle, cycle 24, even a commonly seen C class of flare may cause much damage like the one seen in November 2003.

The Earth is experiencing some significant shifts and there could be big magnetic storms. With the new instruments it was observed that the coronal holes, ejecting coronal masses are actually much more stronger than assumed. This cycle is extremely dangerous and scientists are expecting to see that within the next 12 months. This is the first probability, the second is a little ice age like in cycle 4 (1784-1798). Cycle 24 is almost the lowest sunspot count cycle in a long time period and just like cycle 14, which had a smooth peak with only 64 sunspots, almost all scientists in the panel were expecting a peak of 69 in this 24th cycle. In cycle 14 (1902-1913) despite low sunspot count there were very high temperatures (up to 120-130 ͦ F) and apart to that there was a period of significant cold. There is much evidence showing that there could be a global cooling after 2013.

According to Battros, 2012 is not like a light switch. There would be a significant change in minds, if not already. The third probability is that there would be some radiation coming from the cosmos which interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field. The smallest charged particles are cosmic rays, which are more hazardous, the next are gamma particles and the largest are solar flares. (*Solar activity not only effects the Earth’s magnetic field, but it also supplies ionosphere, the protection sheet of the Earth, which is essential for the development of life and living beings on the Earth. When solar activity increases, ionosphere gains strength and the Earth’s magnetic field contracts, this causes a protection from the cosmic radiation and cosmic charged particles. As solar activity decreases [just like now], ionosphere looses strength and cosmic radiation finds way to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere). There could be earthquakes and hurricanes resembling Katherina. The Earth is preparing for a magnetic pole-shift and this could happen even in decades, for example in 20 years. Cosmic rays and magnetic disturbances affect human nerves directly, especially via synaptic transmission. There is a big shift happening right now related to the sun and also to the increasing cosmic radiations.

What Does Astrology Say?

Some scientists and authors who write about the 2012 phenomenon emphasize that if we live such harsh natural disasters during the solar minimum, in the solar maximum period we can have worse ones because it is known that during the solar maximum volcanic and seismic activity increases. Latest natural disasters remind us the relation between the Sun and the Earth. As I emphasized in my book “The Great Awakening-2012”, I believe that whatever will happen in 2012, the Sun will have a major role. The ancient cultures such as Mayans and Hopis noticed that the changes in the sun affect everything and they developed a significant understanding. Mayans’ predictions about 2012 seem to be related with the sun spot cycles and Venus cycles. On June 6th, 2012 we will see the second Venus transit of this century. We already know that solar activities will be at peak around this day.

Astrological indicators show that solar activities will be more active beginning with the summer months of 2011. What make me think that are the planets with harsh angles with each other and the stress that these alignments will give to the sun. I think, I should give some information about the relation between the planetary alignments and the solar activities. We are now about to experience some important planetary alignments and their results. On the same day Massive Prominence Eruption (CME) that were observed on June 7th, 2011, Chile’s Puyehue Volcano erupted!

Solar activities affect the mundane events. In addition to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters they also affect the human behaviors. Let me remind you two recent events: Two days after the solar explosions on February 14th 2011, a civil rebellion occurred in Libya. Afterwards an earthquake hit Iceland on June 21st. Just two days after the solar explosion on March 9th 2011, a great earthquake hit Japan making all of us sad. Just following this horrible days, an operation took place in Libya on March 16th. On June 7th, solar activities again got stronger. On June 12th and 14th, some major crown mass ejections (CME) were observed in the sun. Around these dates the planetary alignments were highly important. In my article “Weekly Astrological Outlook” which you can read from The Wise Articles section, I had some assumptions and pointed out some important dates. On June 13th, New Zealand had a series of drastic earthquakes. In this article, I also mentioned the possible interpersonal problems and we were faced with some rebellions in China. These are in a very sensitive period. According to the heliocentric planetary alignments, after June 17th and especially June 21st we can see some important solar activities which can affect the geomagnetic field and cause some devastating events. The dates between June 21-27 and July 4-7 are drawing my attention.

We are in some hard times. We can face with some great natural disasters, financial depressions and political turbulences during this period filled with active solar activities. If we can focus our consciousness, know who we are and be aware of our responsibilities for the life and if we make the necessary corrections, despite the planets being in hard angles with each other, we can minimize the risk. In fact, I personally believe that we can do something and I believe that the solar winds have very important effects on the evaluation of human consciousness. I will mention these in my coming articles.

(To be continued…)