The Rise of Venus

In the chart of December 21, 2012, the date calls out “the end of the times” and points out that humans will enter into an important transformation process. There are some stressed aspects; however, there is also Venus just in the focal point of the Boomerang aspect, showing us the solution of these stresses.

In astrology, Venus represents human relations and relates with goodness, peace and co-operation. In the meaning of Boomerang, we can see recycling and the return of humankind. That means the good man will see good things; human values will be appreciated; humans will overcome all difficulties through the help of the love in his spirit and will find his place in the galactic platform.

Venus stands at the exit point of this important aspect model, so we need to understand its meaning properly. This positioning shows that the survival and the ascension of humanity will be real only with the help of peace, harmony and love. In this chart Venus is in Sagittarius and this gives energy for man to discover new places, to restructure his future and to attain new beliefs.

In this chart there is also an aspect formed by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto with Venus in the center, called “boomerang” in astrology. In this Boomerang aspect, the planet in the center of the opposition may be considered a balancing point and may change the quality of this difficult aspect. Under these conditions, if we focus on the qualifications of Venus and enrich our awareness, we may also change the difficult situations we enter into. We may benefit from development opportunities and discover our special capacity out of all difficulties. At the end of the Boomerang, there is Venus and Mercury with a small tolerance. To summarize, the solution to overcome these difficulties is love, sharing and allowance, and also learning, expanding our view to life, and open and frank communication.

The symbolism of Venus is especially important in Western astrology because it depends on human individualism that tries to get in contact with other people. That means the solution to the problems that will surface by 2012 is within the individual himself. Every relationship that increases the awareness of people carries the nature of Venus. Providing harmony for people on their earth is also Venus energy. That is, the key to overcome the stress and the dilemma during this 2012 period will be themes like love, peace, brotherhood and harmony.

The Rise of Feminine Principle

Venus stands at the focal point of the December 21, 2012 chart and relates to Aphrodite, the love Goddess in Greek mythology, and that’s why it symbolizes the feminine principle in astrology. As the representative of feminine principle, the Boomerang aspect and Venus, at the exit point of this boomerang, show that women should have an important role in this transition period and be the pioneers of this process.

In astrology, Venus also symbolizes balance. As Venus will be at the focal point of the December 20, 2012 chart, we can say that feminine energy will reveal itself after remaining behind, and the balance will be maintained again. The ones who will bring balance to the earth will be women as the representatives of the feminine principle. Since the Sun will be between Venus and Mars, it is obvious that the era we are going into will be the one where feminine and masculine energy will be in balance. At the edge of the Aquarian Age, being the most critical factor in determining where humanity will be going, women should be informed about finding initiative. To help this occur becomes the responsibility of all men and women.

Women Take the Stage

Until the 1900s, women were treated as second-class citizens even in the most civilized societies. At the end of the nineteenth century, an important change in the Women’s Rights Movement gave voting rights to women. In the midst of the 1800s, women’s rights found emphasis. In 1948, Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Congress was held. This was the biggest attempt in terms of starting “a shift in consciousness and individualization” in the Women’s Rights Movement.

In 1848, Cady Stanton and another women’s rights defender Lucretia Mott arranged a women’s rights congress for the first time in the world. The representatives published a notice requesting equality with men before the law, voting rights, and equality in education and employment. For a decade after 1848, there were some radical international feminist movements. Of course, at the same time, there were interesting synchronizations in the sky pointing to these developments. Neptune, one of the planets representing the feminine principle, had just entered its ruler Pisces, and in addition to this, Uranus, the indicator of freedom and radical issues, were in conjunction with Pluto, the indicator of transformation in Aries, which is the sign that represents brave endeavors and pioneering steps.

Neptune, the upper octave of Venus, is related to the feminine archetype. Its ruler Pisces is also a feminine sign, and in 2011, Neptune sits in Pisces for a while. Neptune will totally enter Pisces in 2012 to stay until 2024. The former entrance of Neptune to Pisces was in 1848. As mentioned before, we cannot explain the developments about women rights only with Neptune’s entrance to Pisces.

Previously mentioned, we cannot explain these movements on women’s rights without Neptune’s entrance into Pisces. In my book “Transformation Time,” I mentioned that women’s rights were also related to the Saturn-Uranus cycle and the Uranus-Pluto cycle. When Neptune enters into Pisces, there will be the Uranus-Pluto cycle: In the chart of December 21, 2012, Venus sits at the focal point. So, these will be reasons for the Women’s Rights Movement to be on the agenda again.

Up to 2011 and during the Saturn-Uranus cycle, many important steps were taken in terms of human and women’s rights. Saturn represents the general rules accepted by the society and not intended to be changed; Uranus symbolizes the modernization of the rules. Saturn-Uranus aspects relate to rebellion against conservatism. In 2012, feminist movements will again be more significant. While Pluto is related to exploitation and oppression, Uranus relates to rebellion towards the system that brings exploitation and oppression! Starting in 2010 when Uranus-Pluto square was more significant, we see that the workers, the exploited ones, the rape victims, the slaves at work and the victims of traditional murders search for their rights.

In 2012, there will be a paradigm shift in the subjects that emerged in the 1960s. Subjects like human rights, freedom, the place of women in society, the education of children, sexual life, beliefs, consumption, healing techniques, ecological ideas and technological globalization will be revisited. Among these subjects, the most critical is the place of women in society. Today, many women have a job and their economic freedom, but unfortunately, we cannot say that integration of feminine values to society exists at a desirable level, especially where the situation worsens in the developing and under-developed countries.

Women will play an important role to determine the new age in terms of beliefs. The ego of man appears a barrier to devotion to the Creator. That’s why women should be on the stage during transition to the New Age. The church, under the hegemony of men, should be reformed and women should balance the situation. Still, there is discrimination on this subject. For example, the British Church refuses the requests of women to be priests. During the 2012 period, women will refuse the Catholic Church’s system that puts men in a superior position. We may see serious restructuring movements in the social roles of women. As we enter into the new age, feminine-masculine cooperation will be managed in a balanced way.

I Love You As You Are

Our world needs peace, comfort and love. To achieve these, we must first of all practice patience and tolerance and accept the differences between us for diversity’s sake. We need to accept each other as we are and learn how to develop the consciousness of altruism. In astrology, feminine archetypes Moon, Venus and Neptune represent sacrifice, tolerance, tenderness and sensitivity. In classical astrology, since Neptune was not discovered yet, these attributes were linked only to the Moon and Venus. For example, Guido Bonatti, an astrologer in the Medieval Age, evaluated Venus as the representative mother archetype for those born during the day, and the Moon for those born at night.

In contemporary astrology, although the Moon represents the mother archetype, some astrologers emphasize the importance of Venus. For example, according to Robert Hand, an American astrologer, Venus relates to a mother’s love and nurturing like the Moon. Together with the Moon, Venus gives the planetary energy to the concept of motherhood. According to Hand, the motto of Venus is: “The reason I love you is not that you do something for me, I love you because you exist and I exist. It is in my nature to love you as you are.” A mother’s love towards her children serves as the best example. Just like the Moon, Venus does not bother with differences and details. It does not think that something is appropriate or someone deserves this or not, but it simply reflects love. This opens the door that goes to Venus’ unconditional love.

The Solution for 2012 Stress: LOVE

Our earth’s vibration frequency constantly increases. During the 2012 period, we must increase our individual vibrations in a conscious way to be aligned with this frequency. How shall we achieve this?

In fact, each day we meet many opportunities to increase our frequencies. To increase our vibration, we must examine our reactions to events. Our love potential determines the quality of our reactions.

Love appears the greatest healer in the cosmos. The most important thing to heal depression and pessimism is the exchange of love. The exchange of love also strengthens our immune system. Strengthening our love bonds ranks as the best way to protect our health and heal both individually and collectively. The high frequency created by the exchange of love affects the positive frequency of life energy. Even reflecting our love to each living and non-living thing, such as people, animals, flowers, cars, computers or whatever, increases our vibrations.

In the twentieth century, materialism reached its limits and humans began to feel deprived of love and understanding. The formula of love gets rid of the dissatisfaction and distrust we experience. If deprived of love and understanding, humans will be hard-pressed to harmonize with the increasing vibrational frequency of the world. To jump to the next level for the critical process of collective evolution, humans must recognize love as the most important basic element.

Venus is the planet of love and relates to bringing things together with the power of unification; it represents a more creative harmony with life. Venus, representing voluntary unification, helps to remove the differences of two elements so they complete each other and create a more perfect whole than they would as individuals.

Unification of love and its importance in collective life has been emphasized by ancient philosophers and thinkers. Farabi, a famous philosopher of the ninth century, emphasized love as the only power that could unify the generations. According to poet and Sufi Ahmet Yesevi, who lived in the eleventh century, love is the most developed characteristic of the human. Ibn-i Haldun, the famous sociologist and historian of the fourteenth century, underlined that love was “the basis for social transformation and development.”

In every corner of the cosmos, there is an infinite circulation of love. In case this circulation of love stops, the whole system collapses and life comes to an end. Life is where the love circulates. According to the great philosopher and medicine man Ibn-i Sina, who lived in the eleventh century, love is life; it is the source of living. One of the greatest names of India, the political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi says that “Where there is love, there is life.” The conscious being who will activate the circulation of love is the human and the human should succeed to keep the love frequency in its highest level to maintain the continuity of the system and transmit it to the coming generations.

Everything is energy and love energy emits the highest vibrational frequency. It is the basic need for the soul to control the body, each organ and each cell. By increasing our life energy, the more we contribute to the world we live in and also to the whole cosmos because everything ties to each other. Happiness and joy are all Venus’ attributes that constitute the love bond. When we feel these feelings intensively, our life energy increases and acts like a transmitter to transmit these feelings to others.

In astrology, the planets have some equivalent numbers. Venus equals six. It includes humanitarian elements in its character, forces us to love and to be happy. It is a universal friend archetype and represents cooperation. The number six divides the zodiac circle into six portions with 60 degrees, and it forms sextile aspects that look like Venus. Venus tells us two different elements could resonate through love and cooperate in a humanitarian manner.

A sextile aspect is formed between different but harmonized elements. That means two elements with different qualities come together but requires mutual effort. When two different things come together, their existence is not violated but expressed. While a voluntary unification, the differences of their existence complement each other. Together, they create a perfect new whole than if individuals. This power is experienced as love, not a romantic love, but humanitarian love. Instead of being forced or seeking mutual benefit, voluntary togetherness holds humanity together better than ever.

To Unify With Love

Love first requires endurance and tolerance, then to overcome the individual ego. Love and tolerance find their meanings with the people who excelled themselves. As in the poem of Turkish poet and Sufi mystic Yunus Emre, we should “Love the created for the sake of the Creator.” According to Oscar Wilde, Irish author and poet, loving is man excelling himself. Instead of serving ourselves, if we learn to serve others, then the whole of humanity will be the winner. Of course, this is not easy to achieve. To unify with love and love unconditionally without waiting any response requires defeating the ego.

Mind is prone to be affected by the ego. To share love directly, we should first remove our ego. Everything should cooperate with love. If we can overcome our ego and form cooperation full of love, we can transform this negative way into a positive one. The quicker we get rid of selfishness, the quicker we move on. In this process we need to disclaim many things demanded by our ego. To find our direction, we must listen to the feelings of others; we need to love them and create a space together for enlightening.

Unconditional love stands as the deepest and most important thing to achieve in this critical period. To achieve this, develop deeper bonds between one another and discover the power of sharing once again. The North Node of the December 21, 2012 chart in Scorpio points out the same thing. The main theme of Scorpio is to develop deep bonds and share resources and create a new order.

During the 2012 period, we should unlock the doors of unconditional love and let it infuse our hearts. The time seems to speed up in our times. Humans are all in a hurry to catch up with something, but at the same time, they ignore the most important thing by not giving enough time for human relations. Perhaps, that’s why the time is running so quickly. An artificial separation, time breaks our perception lens and tears us from unity. Everything related with time is conditional. We have no time for unconditional love because we always must do something. We should finish doing something; we should earn money, and we should afford our living. Of course, we should fulfill our responsibilities in our daily lives; however, we cannot ignore giving time to our interpersonal relationships. Do not forget: To overcome problems of the 2012 period, we must strengthen our interpersonal bonds as the most important thing to do. We must be aware of our spirit of unity. Always keep in mind that the essence of humanity breathes love and sharing that love expands and solves all problems seemingly impossible to solve otherwise.

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